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Russian Illustrator Reimagines Non-Human Cartoon Characters As Humans, The Results Are Surprisingly Great!

Animation and cartoons must be an inevitable part of everyone’s childhood. Most of us watched cartoons when we were little, but many adults still watch them now. The characters in animated series are often animals, objects, and things. But have you ever wondered how are looks of cartoon characters as humans?

A Russian artist, known as Crazytons on Tumblr, has reimagined a number of famous cartoon characters as how they would be in human versions. Crazytons has a very specific and unique style, which you may not often see in the styles of other artists. He tries to make the characters look different, eye-catching, and colorful. Moreover, when turning these non-human characters into humans, he maintains their facial expressions and essence. That’s why we are showing you his twenty-six artworks in this post. Let’s scroll down and check them out!

#1 Sweetpea

Source: crazytom666

#2 Bugs Bunny

cartoon characters as humansSource: crazytom667

#3 Daffy Duck – Cartoon Characters As Humans

cartoon characters as humansSource: crazytom668

#4 Coyote

cartoon characters as humansSource: crazytom669

#5 Sylvester

cartoon characters as humansSource: crazytom670

#6 Tweety

cartoon characters as humansSource: crazytom671

#7 Lola Bunny

Source: crazytom672

#8 The Road Runner

cartoon characters as humansSource: crazytom673

#9 Dory

cartoon characters as humansSource: crazytom674

#10 Max

Source: crazytom675

#11 Nemo And Marlin

Source: crazytom676

#12 Tasmanian Devil

Source: crazytom677

#13 Tiberius

cartoon characters as humansSource: crazytom678

#14 Max

Source: crazytom679

#15 Duke

cartoon characters as humansSource: crazytom680

#16 Gidget

Source: crazytom681

#17 Chloe

cartoon characters as humansSource: crazytom682

#18 Mel

Source: crazytom683

#19 Buddy

Source: crazytom684

#20 Lightning Mcqueen

cartoon characters as humansSource: crazytom685

#21 Cruz Ramirez

Source: crazytom686

#22 Jackson Storm

cartoon characters as humansSource: crazytom687

#23 Destiny

Source: crazytom688

#24 Bailey –

cartoon characters as humansSource: crazytom689

#25 Bucth – Cartoon Characters As Humans

cartoon characters as humansSource: crazytom690

#26 Libby – Cartoon Characters As Humans – Cartoon Characters As Humans

cartoon characters as humansSource: crazytom691

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