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18 Humorous Tweets About Dating That Are So True, They Hurt

After such a long time of quarantine and social distancing, many people feel excited to go out and have back what the pandemic has taken away from us. And apparently, starting a relationship is a good idea to try out. We need more human interactions after all the time we isolate ourselves from society. However, dating is never easy. The pandemic is simply an excuse for how unlucky people are at dating. Without the pandemic, many will still live their FA life; nothing changes.

And yet, others don’t feel the same way. They already have so many awful experiences about dating that they no longer care about it. Yes, life is not a sweet dream, especially when it comes to love affairs. And here, we have collected some of the most hilarious yet painfully true tweets about dating. We believe that anyone who has been on a date can relate to them. And for the ones who are inexperienced, think carefully. And now, let’s scroll down and have a look at them.

#1 It takes me so long

Source: AmberTozer

#2 That hurts

Source: Ticklemelili

#3 Anything more?

Source: Swainsch

#4 Ouch

Source: Taylor_Stag

#5 I’m just being honest

Source: roxiqt

#6 No way!

Source: BrandyLJensen

#7 Apparently

Source: katefeetie

#8 Smileee

Source: CrapTaxidermy

#9 Absolutely no!

Source: kbnoswag

#10 Spine chillin

Source: dumb_hannah

#11 That’s the worst

Source: stop_sweeps_atx

#12 Why? Just why?

Source: MichaelaOkla

#13 What else do you have?

Source: kchamps613

#14 I need to sleep

Source: JustAboutGlad

#15 So simple

Source: sahana_srini

#16 It gets me every time

Source: danadonnelly

#17 Right. We need to learn everything


#18 Words of wisdom

Source: CatSWrites

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