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Chow Hon Lam’s 25 Chubby Animal Comics That Prove No One Is Helpless (Part 2)

No one is born useless! That’s the fact. If you can’t find anything about yourself to be proud of, don’t worry. You just don’t see your strengths yet. These twenty-five comics will show you the way to believe in yourself.

The author of these comics is Chow Hon Lam, a talented Chinese artist who has been drawing illustrations for children’s books. Recently, he has started a series called “Chubby Animals Talk”, of which thirty adorable comics were already shown in our previous post. Today, Chow continues with more animal comics that prove no one is helpless.

The artist has managed to create different situations in which his chubby sweet characters can show off their good traits and prove the way they are. He wants to encourage people of all social backgrounds to love themself and confide in their abilities. Scroll down and enjoy the comics below!

#1. Nancy can help.

Source: flyingmouse365

#2. Trevor, do your best!

Source: flyingmouse366

#3. “No worry, guys. Follow me!”

Source: flyingmouse367

#4. Gator is the best!

Source: flyingmouse368

#5. “I think our friend can help.”

Source: flyingmouse369

#6. Lovely!

Source: flyingmouse370

#7. “You are awesome, Jack!”

Source: flyingmouse371

#8. Snake can join.

Source: flyingmouse372

#9. “You have many likes in real life, Eric.”

Source: flyingmouse373

#10. “You can sleep on me.”

Source: flyingmouse374

#11. “Uncle John offered to help.”

Source: flyingmouse375

#12. “You’re so good, Eric.”

Source: flyingmouse376

#13. “Let’s play.”

Source: flyingmouse377

#14. “I’m a talent!”

Source: flyingmouse378

#15. Such a big fish you’ve got.

Source: flyingmouse379

#16. Another talent.

Source: flyingmouse380

#17. Everything is created on a purpose.

Source: flyingmouse381

#18. That’s good!

Source: flyingmouse382

#19. Love this!

Source: flyingmouse383

#20. “You are not the liar.”

Source: flyingmouse384

#21. “Let me help.”

Source: flyingmouse385

#22. “I’m always here to listen.”

Source: flyingmouse386

#23. “I want to protect Amy.”

Source: flyingmouse387

#24. Do you love your house?

Source: flyingmouse388

#25. Enjoy!

Source: flyingmouse389

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