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Crazy Disturbing Things People Do To Gain Attention On The Internet

We’ve heard a lot about ‘influencers’ these days. They may have expertise and knowledge in some particular areas and hence have so many followers. They may be famous, and their opinion can influence lots of people. However, not that everything they do is right. Many people are willing to do such crazy things to gain attention on the internet. Some are mildly infuriating, while others are a total disgust. The craving for popularity can make people lose the ability to judge if things they do are okay.

Now and then, some people are posting their trashy videos and pics online. They exploit the curiosity, sympathy, and even hate of others to make them more famous. Of course, they will become more well-known, but more like in a negative way. They’ll become the subjects of criticism, and others will shame them for their disturbing actions. Down here, we have collected some pics of crazy things people have done for temporary online fame. Let’s scroll down and check them out now.

#1 Because of course it was self defense

Source: OGD3C

#2 Everything must have a react video

Source: KyloRose231

#3 You should have known the limit

Source: Hellamagz

#4 “Instagrammer” says it all

Source: BusinessInsider

#5 Her IQ test came back negative

Source: SilentExpert8

#6 Great way to end your life, and possibly some others’

Source: JamesLeeFOG

#7 There are an unbelievable amount of stupid people amongst us

Source: Rancid_Remnants

#8 Burning people with a high powered laser and getting yourself banned from an airport for clout

Source: alexpugh

#9 Influencers jailed in Bali for fake mask video prank, to be deported ‘as soon as possible’

Source: t_a_6847646847646476

#10 More money than brains

Source: Hyonokokoro

#11 I know, people worldwide are struggling for food, so I will destroy some

Source: Luxvee

#12 Let me film a Tiktok in front of my d*ing friend

Source: CapitalCourse

#13 DESERVES to be run over

Source: comicgenius

#14 Harassing people… as a prank. Try it with me and get a free punch in the mouth

Source: combatcompanion

#15 The face of the cashier

Source: HamsterCockSock

#16 That should be: how to invite tons of ants to your house

Source: swangin82

#17 Is this becoming a thing somewhere?

Source: ShadowL0rd2080

#18 That hurts

Source: redditboy123451

#19 Hot glued a toilet onto your head. Now you are officially a shithead

Source: kwkierjote

#20 People like this are the worst

Source: xanax101010

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