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Laugh Your Head Off With These Hilarious True Stories Of Therapists

Many people think that therapists are serious, analytical mental health professionals. The media has built up that image in the mind of people through countless ads, TV shows, movies, and series films. However, people who have got actual experience with therapists may have a different idea. People say that the therapists are perhaps not that deep at all. They are goofy and are sometimes more straightforward than you think.

Of course, dealing with mental health issues requires seriousness and also subtleness. But our therapists are not like what the media portrays. Noticing this difference, people started a thread on Tumblr to share their personal experiences when going to a therapist. And you know what? Those true stories are so funny to hear. It turns out that therapists are more like comedians when helping people to deal with their mental issues. Now, scroll down and have some good laughs with those stories.














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