The Viral Rendition Of "The Little Mermaid" By A Babysitter!

Nicki Maher - the owner of a TikTok account where the viral video of a babysitter singing little mermaid is posted said:
"I am trying to encourage her to put her voice out there more. But she gets discouraged about the way she looks in her videos. And all I see is beauty. So do my kids. Let’s show her some love so I can get her to sing for us more!!!"
She is talking about her kid's babysitter - Delaney Wilson. Delaney made Maher so surprised when she raised her voice, and it was incredibly beautiful. With her excellent singing ability, Delaney is definitely an unknown but great singer.
Baby sitter Singing little mermaid
How would you feel if you were in Nicki's shoes? It must be mind-blowing, right? She just hired a babysitter to help her play with her young daughter but then it turned out that this babysitter possessed an incredibly sweet voice. Delaney might be a little bit shy, but Nicki encouraged her to sing and also secretly filmed posted it of course with Delaney's permission after that. And that video quickly went viral thanks to that Delaney would be discovered and have a lucrative career one day, who knows!

Let's watch this video and find out how do you feel when you hear Delaney's voice.


With her talent, there's no doubt that she would get a place in Berklee College of Music. Below is her shared reaction video.

The feeling when you see others happy because their dream comes true is just hard to describe, right?
Here's Delaney's answer to a request on her TikTok- the song Somewhere Over The Rainbow.

Delaney is so talented, right?

Wilson said after her videos continually go viral:
'It's been absolutely crazy. I've gotten so many amazing, like, opportunities and just, I've met so many amazing people that have reached out and been so kind to me."

Among her covers, which one do you love the most? Please share your thoughts with us in the comment section.

If you want to know how her career's going, you can follow her on Instagram and TikTok.
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