12 Awesome Disney Tattoos That Big Fans Would Definitely Love

Disney with a series of masterpieces has created a firm position for itself in the heart of global fans. And it's no exaggeration to say that "once a fan, always a fan" as when Disney fandoms grow up they would love to keep those beautiful memories of classic films going along with their childhood forever. And having a mind-blowing disney characters tattoos inspired by their beloved movie is one of the super cool ways!
Tattoos' meanings can be varied depending on their owner's perspective. While one can inspire you to dream big, others can help to remind you of your childhood, not only the film but more important is how were you at that time and who accompanied you then. However, there's one thing that you will definitely feel after viewing the following images. I bet it is nothing else other than just one word "Awesome!".

#1. You don't need to find Nemo as he is right on your thigh!

disney characters tattoosSource: Dynamiktattoo

#2. Cute Pooh with the meaningful word Ohana - which means a family is worth a try.

disney characters tattoosSource: Bryan

#3. "Beauty and the Beast" never die!

Disney TattoosSource: YAYO skincare

#4. Would fandoms of "The Little Mermaid" have one like this after seeing it?

Disney TattoosSource: Aimee

#5. Let's have this iconic image of "Up" to remind you of your big dream!

Disney TattoosSource: Kerste

#6. This is definitely the fairest tattoo of Snow White, why not have one?

definitely the fairest tattooSource: Chuy Espinoza

#7. What is better than having Ariel inked on you forever?

disney characters tattoosSource: Nikkirex

#8. Have you ever wished to possess this magical mirror?

disney  tattoosSource: Padz13

#9. This is a super cool Disney villain tattoo, for sure!

Disney villain tattooSource: Prhymesuspect

#10. How about this lovely Micky and Minnie tattoo? Isn't it sweet?

Micky and Minnie tattooSource: Holly_bruch_tattoos

#11. Amazing Malificent tattoo - the coolest among villain tats to try!

Malificent tattooSource: Buddahtat2art

#12. Would you like to have these incredible "The Nightmare Before Christmas" inspired tattoos?

"The Nightmare Before Christmas" inspired tattoos "The Nightmare Before Christmas" inspired tattoos

Source: Audie

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