People Are Sharing The Weirdest Things They Did As Kids, And They're So Hilarious

So, what is the strangest thing you have ever done as a kid? I'll go first. When I was about 4 or 5, I once played in the garden and accidentally stepped on a soft cactus, a tiny one, of course. Then I went like: "So sorry, little plant. I didn't mean to." And then I spent maybe half an hour moving it to another place, then checked carefully to make sure that it was good and could "recover." Okay, so I admit that I love gardening, but still, that's weird af.
I feel a little relief when I know that I'm not the only one to do such things. It turns out that other people also did those weird and unexplainable things as kids, and there is plenty of funny stories about that. People are sharing about them online, and we think that they are just too good. We couldn't stop laughing editing this article, and believe me, these stories will surely get you rolling on the floor. Let's scroll down and check them out right now.

#1 That's very specific, but cute

Source: Jimothy-Goldenface

#2 That's nice

Source: MolinaroK

#3 This one is classic

Source: tidymaniac

#4 Well, the ending is sad

Source: IrrationallyCalm

#5 One good way to freak out neighbors

Source: DendroNate

#6 What a surprise!

Source: WilliamsD93

#7 Good grief

Source: WilliamHarry

#8 Everyone has a hobby

Source: fullevan790

#9 *head slap*

Source: catelldm

#10 Must protect it at all cost!

Source: bapoyxd

#11 Yeah, totally

Source: LargeTubOfLard

#12 That poor guy

Source: LarpyisCool

#13 Uhmm, so crunchy

Source: KtMoonRise

#14 Like her dad

Source: GoldenSnidget2

#15 It does taste better, right?

Source: eightbitpixie

#16 Why? Just why?

Source: Arancio

#17 Look at me, I'm smart

Source: Qizot

#18 Yes, they move

Source: HairyWolverine

#19 Just chillin'

Source: Azzcock

#20 That's relatable

Source: DiligentPride2

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