What Would Happen If Famous Disney Characters And Pokemon Evolution Merged Into One?

If you've ever wondered what popular Disney characters like Donald and Winnie the Pooh might look like if they have evolutionary forms, Ry Spirit answers that question with his amazing works. Scroll down and check disney pokemon evolution!

There’s no doubt that growing up with Disney gave some of the most magical times of our lives. That's why Disney characters are also an endless inspiration for many artists. And Ry Spirit is no exception.

Ry Spirit is a talented Australian artist who has more than 10 years of experience in drawing. As a big fan of Disney and Pokemon, he decided to create a series where he turns famous Disney characters into evolving Pokemon. 

#1 Sooo accurate!

disney pokemon evolutionSource: Ry Spirit

#2 All so cute

disney evolutionSource: Ry Spirit

#3 Trigger looks like the Kellog's Tiger

disney pokemon Source: Ry Spirit

#4 His personality changes from shy to outgoing to "fight me"

ry-spiritSource: Ry Spirit

#5 "Hello everyone from now on call me Eemo."

disney pokemon evolutionSource: Ry Spirit

#6 Love how he kept his "form." This one is really fantastic!

disney evolutionSource: Ry Spirit

#7 Hooters is adorable! Oh and I love Eyebrowls!

Hooters is adorable! Oh and I love Eyebrowls!Source: Ry Spirit

#8 Should be fairy and dark

Should be fairy and darkSource: Ry Spirit

#9 I like his tattoo

Source: Ry Spirit

#10 I can not stop laughing...

I can not stop laughing...Source: Ry Spirit

#11 Splot looks like venoms dog

Splot looks like venoms dogSource: Ry Spirit

#12 Jumbo is an X-Wing

Jumbo is an X-WingSource: Ry Spirit

#13 I love how the hat never changes size

I love how the hat never changes sizeSource: Ry Spirit

#14 Reminds me of Shere Khan!

Reminds me of Shere Khan!Source: Ry Spirit

#15 I just hear Gilbert Gottfried's voice when I see Iago

disney pokemon evolutionSource: Ry Spirit

#16 Snowlaugh is so scary

Snowlaugh is so scarySource: Ry Spirit

#17 Roo is my spirit Pokemon

Roo is my spirit PokemonSource: Ry Spirit

#18 Godfather I love this

Godfather I love thisSource: Ry Spirit

#19 Mike is the cutest

Mike is the cutestSource: Ry Spirit

#20 Rapper Dai-z

Rapper Dai-zSource: Ry Spirit

#21 I love how he goes from 'Pluto' to 'Peter Roverson'

disney pokemon evolutionSource: Ry Spirit

#22 Aww Stitch - my fav

disney pokemon evolutionSource: Ry Spirit

#23 How cute!

disney pokemon evolution Disney pokemon evolution

Source: Ry Spirit

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