15 Overly Creative And Weird DIY Products That We Must Ask Why

DIY products, things that you do yourself are common nowadays. Many people say that they really enjoy making DIY products. And they even claim to be DIY lovers. There are some reasons that make them DIY lovers. The first one can be that they are inspired by online DIY tutorials. Just as someone can make cool things by hand, they believe in their craft skills and creativity. Another reason is that they are actually trying to fix things around the house. For example, someone turned a clothes hanger into a so-called light hanger because they didn't want the lights hanging down loosely from the ceiling. Also, many people admit that they are simply crafting this and that just to kill time.
However, not everyone is skillful enough to create interesting and useful DIY products. A lot of awkward and ridiculous handcrafted ones are created by sloppy and clumsy hands. There are also homemade products coming from unique creativity, but unluckily, they don't come out the way they are supposed to. That's why we wonder why someone could ever come up with such ridiculous ideas. And here are the 15 overly creative and confusing DIY products we've compiled. You've probably seen some of them somewhere, but even if you look back a few times, it's still hard to understand why they are created.

#1 I understand the idea of a sexy garden but why that bra?

Source: SgtrandiTibbs

#2 Is there another way to reuse old jeans?

Source: imgur

#3 Nails DIY at home with mosquitoes

Source: rinvenvo

#4 This DIY idea of making bum pkin for little kiddie is hilarious

Source: raydioactivity

#5 People can crochet anything, can't they?

Source: invisiblylost

#6 Someone really turned old books into a knife block!?

Source: mrssupersheen

#7 What a useless rug made from old garden hoses and zip ties!

Source: bad_fake_name

#8 Another confusingly unique idea - a hairclip from doll parts and flower

Source: playfully_evil

#9 Could someone please tell me what this DIY is even for?

Source: jdael

#10 Someone said it was a great idea!

Source: Master Builder

#11 A toilet was used to grill meat and store ice

Source: Handicapreader

#12 This DIY product with old leggings is unsettling

Source: Tafflebottom

#13 A remote stick for those who are always looking for the TV remote

Source: Skytrip

#14 This is such a ridiculous homemade hand soap

Source: Chicagogogo

#15 Can we just leave old jeans alone until we find better DIY ideas?

Source: nikio13107

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