No Matter How Bad Your Day Seems, Always Someone Has It Worse Than You

Some days are worse than others, you may have got your car crashed and had to walk a mile in the rain, or you may have left your money at home and had to settle for a glass of water for lunch. However, no matter how awful your day appears to be, there is always someone who is experiencing a worse day than you.
Some other people's days are sure to be much worse than you can ever think of. People are sharing pictures and stories of the worst days they’ve had, and I’m pretty sure you’ll find them hilarious. From unfortunate outfit choices to surprise furry conventions, check out the unlucky people having the worse day in the gallery below!

#1 He Saw A Squirrel And Dragged Me Through The Mud On My Ass

Source: muyobi

#2 My Cat Couldn’t Get To His Litter Box Because The Toilet Door Was Forgotten Closed At Night, So He Spilt The Litter Bag Himself And Pooped On It

Source: 8080x

#3 Some Musicians Just Aren’t Smooth


#4 Kids Playing With Fire Hose During Coast Guard Demo

Source: Energylegs23

#5 Went To Open My Fridge. Definitely Thought My Hand Was Connected Properly

Source: EatPrayNub

#6 This Big Guy And Three Of His Friends Got Into A Newly Built Montana House And Proceeded To Live There For A Month Before Being Found

Source: SanchoLibre

#7 Was Having Valentine’s Day Dinner When I Went Downstairs To Check On Why The Heat Wasn’t Working. Found 4 Feet Of Water Covering The Entire Basement

Source: Scrappy_Mongoose

#8 Crashed Car And A Parking Ticket

Source: einarmani

#9 I Accidentally Put My Leather Gloves In The Washing Machine

Source: gene100001

#10 Good Morning And Happy Valentine’s Day! Why Not Start Your Day Off With A Turmeric Smoothie?

Source: katierobson4

#11 I Came In To Find My Tortoise Like This

Source: Pigglepoo

#12 Somebody Didn’t Strap The Egg Trolleys In Properly On The Truck. 10,500 Eggs Broken

Source: yourmate24

#13 Threw My Swatter At A Fly. Don’t Ask Questions Because I Don’t Have Answers

Source: TheGreatBugle

#14 Was Looking Forward To Having Some Nice Bread From A Local Bakery

Source: TheWrigglerr

#15 Put My Visor Down In The Side To Block The Sun

Source: FlamingWarPig

#16 Your Day May Have Been Bad, But It’s Probably Not As Bad As ‘I Tipped Over A Satellite And It’ll Cost $135 Million To Fix’ Bad

Source: NASA

#17 The F Fell Off My Ford Fiesta Flame. Now I Drive A Ford Fiesta Lame

Source: Thechuz1337

#18 When Your Snickers Bar Taunts You

Source: stackattack1000

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