16 Amazing Facts about Disney’s Most Iconic Characters

Everyone has a favorite Disney character, at least once they were a kid. Walt Disney himself had a preference. There's absolutely something for everyone in the Disney canon, from princesses to pirates, charming goofballs to misunderstood monsters.
While it's quite normal to think of these cartoon characters as a family like a poster below, and assume you know everything about them, there may be far more mysterious things that you cannot find out before. Some Disney characters, especially the most renowned ones, have incredible backstories and behind-the-scenes stories.
Let's see the collection of amazing facts about your favorite Disney Character. If you know something interesting about them, the comment section below is just your space to do so.

#1 Mickey Mouse was almost named Mortimer

#2 Mickey and Minnie have the same birthday

#3 Snow White’s voice actress snuck into the premiere of the film

#4 Robin Williams almost said no to the role of Genie

#5 Several Disney characters have stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame

#6 Anna and Elsa are technically not Disney princesses

#7 Maleficent and Cinderella’s stepmother are the same person

#8 Pocahontas is the only Disney princess based on a real person

#9 Only two Disney princesses have supernatural powers

#10 Sulley has a ton of hair

#11 And Dalmatians have a ton of spots

#12 The crab from The Little Mermaid isn’t named Sebastian

#13 Ariel almost didn’t sing “Part of Your World”

#14 The Beast has the features of many animals

#15 Jackie Chan played two popular Disney roles

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