15 Funniest Quarantine Baking Fails To Make You Laugh

Ever since the outbreak of coronavirus, people have been familiar with the phrase quarantine or self-isolation. And being stuck at home can be depressing, leading to people’s hilarious creativity.
One of the activities that people come up with during quarantine is trying their hand at baking cakes. For many people, making cakes is always a joyful routine. But for some others, baking is now their new quarantine hobby. As staying busy in the kitchen can help them release stress. However, when it comes to the final result, this joy of work turned out not for them. Now that not all the creations come out as they expected, new bakers don’t know whether to laugh or cry.
This baking trend started when someone posted a self-baked banana bread on Twitter. Her tweet went viral after two hours. And people started to tweet her back with their baking fail. From the world’s worst banana bread to lose appetite to birthday cakes that come with an apology. Take a look at this collection of the funniest quarantine baking fails, which will definitely make you laugh and hurt your heart too.

#1 These inedible rocks

Source: Heidi Allen

#2 This thoroughly burnt loaf

Source: Nic Hilton

#3 These cookies that ignored the government mandate

Source: Yasmine Salam

#4 These singed scones

Source: Miles Briggs MSP

#5 This very educational experience

Source: Scott searle

#6 My wife has started baking her quarantine cakes

Source: Tommy

#7 Perhaps your macarons shattered themselves — and all your hopes and dreams — in the oven

Source: bored_in_self_isolation

#8 This quarantine birthday cake that came with an actual apology

Source: Travon Free

#9 They didn't come out as planned

Source: Justice Seeker

#10 The world's most failed banana bread

Source: Hend Amry

#11 As failed as my bunnies?

Source: Ketan Joshi

#12 That lovely crystal on top of the muffines is rock salt

Source: Tara Lundmark

#13 Turn out more into cupcakes

Source: lisa

#14 This cake is a nightmare

Source: Josherwalla

#15 This lamp cake scared me shitless

Source: Patricia Cain

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