20 Hilarious Kpop Haircuts When Idols Want Something Truly "Special"

If you have any hilarious hairdos of your bias, feel free to share them in the comment section below. Now, let's scroll down to enjoy these one-of-a-kind hilarious Kpop haircuts, and don't forget to share this with your friends.
Are you K-Pop fans? From what generation you have started following Kpop? If you have been interested in Kpop from the 1st Generation, for sure, you will know the below celebrities. Being idols - the person of the public, they have to renew themselves with new concepts in every comeback. Therefore, changing hairstyles regularly is very common. Almost all idols have their own stylists who have professional qualifications in hairdressing. However, life is not beautiful as a dream. Sometimes, when they piss their barber off with confusing demands, the barbers will make them "shine" with ridiculous haircuts. Haven't you seen these hairstyles like that? Don't worry. We have already gathered them for you. I'm sure these photos will lighten up your mood.

#1 G-Dragon sushi hair

G-Dragon sushi hairSource: gracefulkiller

#2 BoA's cinnamon hair

kpop haircutsSource: byblissgirl

#3 Taeyang kimbap hair

Taeyang kimbap hairSource: BIGBANG

#4 Greek Hoplite hair

Greek Hoplite hairSource: — B.I.G

#5 Cruella de Vil hair

kpop haircutsSource:

#6 GD pasta hair

GD pasta hairSource: BIGBANG

#7 It's Bangtan, not BTS

kpop haircutsSource:

#8 No words to say

 Hilarious Kpop HaircutsSource:

#9 Can I seat in there?

 Hilarious Kpop HaircutsSource:

#10 Chocolate cupcake

Chocolate cupcakeSource:

#11 Taeyang scorpion hair

Taeyang scorpion hairSource:

#12 Delicious sushi hair

Delicious sushi hairSource:

#13 Urhhhhh...

kpop haircutsSource:

#14 Legend hair

Legend hairSource:

#15 Cosplay Rapunzel Tangled hair

Cosplay Rapunzel Tangled hairSource: BIGBANG

#16 When you don't have a handsome face, let's cover your eyes

kpop haircutsSource: Mnet TV

#17 Narsha's "bowl cut gone wrong" look

Narsha's "bowl cut gone wrong" lookSource: Mystic Entertainment

#18 Don't look at me!!

Don't look at me!!Source: 방탄소년단

#19 What do you want?

What do you want?Source:

#20 I'm sweet. Eat me!!

kpop haircutsSource:

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