40 Funny Life Hacks For Everyday Problems That Make Your Life Easier In No Time

Our lives are full of problems. There seems to be no end to it. So, what can we do? The best and only way for us is to face them all. If your everyday problems drive you crazy, just look for some hacks that can make your life easier. There are many places where you can find useful life hacks, one of them is the r/lifehacks subreddit. This online community is home to 10.3 million people who constantly dedicate their time to sharing "uncommon solutions to common problems." Therefore, you can find a lot of funny life hacks there.
We have compiled a list of 40 funny life hacks from this group and other subreddits, and they can save you time, money, and hassle. Scroll down to check them out for yourself right now. Maybe you can find the hack that you are looking for. Don't forget to vote for the most useful tips. And share this list with those who are needing help. If this list is not enough for you, check out more funny life hacks from part one here.

#1. Look at this

Source: laurenwazenn

#2. Use a mask to cover your hatchet and protect the blade, you, and your things!

Source: Successful_Curve6849

#3. How I stay focused

Source: Fearless-Lion9703

Every time I notice myself being distracted by thoughts or urges to do something unproductive. I scrunch up a little piece of paper and put it into a jar. Next time it happens, the jar reminds me how I got back to focusing on my task and how easy it was to get rid of distractions

#4. Had to add a large amount of fresh pepper to a dish. Worked like a charm

Source: cjc883

#5. Ice cream tastes great in coffee when you’ve run out of creamer

Source: mybathtubistoosmall

#6. Wipe disposal when cleaning filthy ceiling fans on a ladder…

Source: alg3braist

#7. Hack for drying the Toilet brush

Source: callMeSIX

#8. Try the lemon method under the salmon to avoid burning your fish

Source: julialopezz

#9. Wifey wanted a family pic for the holidays so used these clips as a phone stand

Source: 664designs

#10. Alternative solution to keep ants away from doughnuts

Source: A4IRA

#11. Girlfriend's mom figured it out

Source: geo4774

#12. When your iPhone doesn’t charge as it used to no more…

Source: mrgenetrey

#13. Soup ladle to transfer paint. 3$, super easy to clean and no mess. I'm a genius

Source: Edithosaure

#14. Hack for bathroom stalls that don’t have a hook to hang your purse- Maybe the door lock can be used to hold it

Source: CSWRB

#15. Use a chain to hang your clothes to get more space in your closet

Source: WarningImBroken

#16. Drink your coffee right away, without watering it down

Source: duff_daddy3

#17. Keep your shopping bags from falling over in the car

Source: GreenDad420

#18. I kept losing my chopsticks in the dishwasher. Now they stay put!

Source: MadFxMedia

#19. Turn any desk into a standing desk with milk crates

Source: [deleted]

#20. Finally a place to put stuff while working in the garage

Source: Puppyismycat

#21. Swiffer using old sock instead of refills

Source: assbagger321

#22. So everyone knows about the cupholder.. but the real ones remember the fry holder

Funny Life HacksSource: Informal-Lead-4324

#23. I use a hairpin to mark the end of my duct tape

Funny Life HacksSource: Rough3Years

#24. Chain cleaning device

Funny Life HacksSource: valcatrina

#25. Managing the Keyboard Stomper

Funny Life HacksSource: Axuss3

#26. Chopstick + 2 Rubber Bands = all the toothpaste in the tube

Funny Life HacksSource: CaramelTHNDR

#27. The sun never enters my bedroom, mirror outside to reflect it in

Funny Life HacksSource: uncharmedsoul

#28. Sick kid? The silicone bibs with a pocket aren't just great for catching food *during* meal time, they're also great for catching food *after* meal time!

Funny Life HacksSource: Mistborn2064

#29. Lost the backing for my battery holder and used a hair tie instead to hold them

Funny Life HacksSource: Pokeboy99

#30. For Parents. Chip clip sucker stand

Funny Life HacksSource: COulti_mIT_USer

#31. My daughter's job only allows black pants and no rips. Her normal pair was still in the washer so she hacked it. Will it work?

Funny Life HacksSource: IndoorNewb

#32. Broke one of the rings on my shower curtain today. Here's my life hack

Funny Life HacksSource: AaronTiberius

#33. Life hacks

Funny Life HacksSource: Dimpova

#34. Winter life pro tips

Funny Life HacksSource: rightcoastguy

#35. My bf solution to hold the spoon while he eats cereals

Funny Life HacksSource: Nianx

#36. Neighbor's tortoise escaped and walked almost a street away. At around 250 pounds, this was their solution to get her home!

Funny Life HacksSource: sweetsugr25

#37. This person's awesome solution to covering up a large dent on their car

Funny Life HacksSource: AmBull1216

#38. I kept losing my son during the family reunion. He just started walking, so I found a solution to keep tabs on him

Funny Life HacksSource: mynickname86

#39. A farmer's solution to a goat who kept getting his head stuck in a fence

Funny Life HacksSource: DenebVegaAltair

#40. My brother found a creative solution to his razor problem

Funny Life HacksSource: [deleted]

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