25 Smart-Ass Ideas That You Can't Help But Gape At

Have you ever gotten exhausted because you couldn't find the solution to your problem? For example, when your house doesn't have hot water in winter, what will you do? Boil water? Or skip the bath? All of these solutions are okay, but there is a more intelligent option that you can use to have a bath with hot water. Scroll down to check out what it is. There are also many other smart-ass ideas to deal with your daily problems.
There are many times in life you really need an emergency solution to your problem but the market can't provide you or the price for it is too expensive, just create it yourself. All you need is a little bit of creativity or in some cases, laziness. Then, you will find the solution you come up with at that moment effective. But if you find it too hard and want some inspiration, check out some smart-ass ideas below.

#1. No foundation? No problem

Source: anthonysny

#2. Finally found a use for my old TV!

Source: bg1987

#3. "Don't forget your lunch!"

Source: GreenWigz

#4. Introducing the redneck smoker

Source: insoh2

#5. Anything is a pillow if you're tired enough

Source: reddit

#6. Genius

Source: Shishamylov

#7. Uncommon solutions to common problems

Source: buzzbuzzbuzzbuzzguys

#8. Solo couch carry

Source: muchhodl

#9. In my head, it's like a song, and sounds familiar to me

Source: imgur

#10. Police Body Camera

Source: dogmashah

#11. How to keep calm in a traffic jam

Source: SamCruise

#12. Best way to get you wake up in time

Source: AcidCow

#13. Are tractors really neccesary when you have the best vehicle in existance?

Source: reddit

#14. Couldn't find my candle holder, as a musician I improvised the best I could

Source: Gordondel

#15. Now I've seen it all...

Source: garbagemaster1

#16. Trying to swim for the first time

Smart-Ass IdeasSource: AcidCow

#17. For remote teaching without a document camera

Smart-Ass IdeasSource: lambepsom

#18. It's not stupid if it works

Smart-Ass IdeasSource: slashzero

#19. Engineering at its best (or not)

Smart-Ass IdeasSource: IsThisUsernameReallyRelevant

#20. My aunt's tissue box

Smart-Ass IdeasSource: SharkRancher

#21. Found that on a german sub, text means "emergency stop"

Smart-Ass IdeasSource: Benlastend

#22. How to smoke weed in a public park

Smart-Ass IdeasSource: Kobi-Wan_Kenobi

#23. Cheap and simple mount for my power socket remote control...

Smart-Ass IdeasSource: Hunter_Rodrigez

#24. “No one dared to ask his business, no one dared to make a slip..."

Smart-Ass IdeasSource: PeriodicMilk

#25. A hot water tap in Vietnam

Smart-Ass IdeasSource: SimonFiveskin

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