40 Funny Duct Tape Hacks That Prove Duct Tape Is The Only Tool You Need

Everything has an expiration date. However, instead of throwing broken things away, we tend to repair and reuse them to save money. There are many different ways to repair broken products, and one of them is using duct tape. Although duct tape is only a temporary fix, we have to admit that in certain emergency situations, it can be a real lifesaver. In addition to being used to fix stuff, duct tape may also be a tool to make our life much easier. If you don't believe it, check out 40 funny duct tape hacks in the list below.
People shared many creative and useful duct tape hacks online. And we have chosen some of the best ones for you. Some of them actually work. And some are so funny that they can crack anyone up. Now, scroll down below to enjoy. Maybe these funny duct tape hacks can help you in life.

#1. Duct tape racing stripes... nice

Source: Ell_Vee_Won

#2. Yes, that is duct tape over his mouth. Pretty sure that’s not how face protection works

Source: williamhensonr

#3. Nothing that a bit of duct tape can't fix!!

Source: ajvasan

#4. America's Finest. Yes, that is duct tape

Source: itellyouwhat2

#5. Duct tape fixes everything

Source: GngrBeardMan

#6. Duct tape a wash cloth around a velvet hanger to clean under your fridge and stove

Source: PrityBird

#7. Protect your extension cords against the garage door this Christmas. 1 pencil + duct tape

Source: oh_JEZ_uv_KURZ

#8. Beat the Heat with duct tape and a good idea

Source: teejmaleng

#9. Darwin Award Candidates Swear By Duct Tape

Source: icemann0

#10. Duct tape + Map = Fender

Source: McNughead

#11. Bring duct tape when you go camping to get rid of bugs in your tent

Source: Crusadera

#12. Treat a blister with duct tape. Duct tape is the number one most used item in my ultralight first aid kit

Source: REI

#13. If you got blisters and still need to work/play, wrap it in something soft and cover it in duct tape

Source: Gnashez

#14. Emergency first aid

Source: Survival Life

#15. Instant drink holder in the car! Yet another function to add to the millions of uses for a roll of duct tape

Source: ISOPenchants

#16. Help a turtle out


#17. Made an air purifier from a box fan, an air filter, and some duct tape

Source: majaha95

#18. Wrap duct tape on your computer chair wheels to prevent black streaks on your hardwood floors

Source: Mr_Clutch

#19. Duct tape, the only tool you need

Source: nobraggingrights

#20. Cardboard tube + shower curtain rod + duct tape = quick light bulb replacer pole

Source: _benjaninja_

#21. Good ol duct tape

Funny Duct Tape HacksSource: koopzilla

#22. You can tell the age of a tree by counting the rings. You can tell the age of an artificial Xmas tree by counting the layers of duct tape holding the box together

Funny Duct Tape HacksSource: Myxolidian4days

#23. It's called a duct tape and this is a duct. I don't see a problem...

Source: sudapl

#24. Duct tape can fix that...

Funny Duct Tape HacksSource: blueduckbutt

#25. Who needs a tool belt when you have a used duct tape roll and zip ties

Funny Duct Tape HacksSource: DarthVaderkolk

#26. Why waste good money on a door for your van when you can build your own door with duct tape and paint?

Funny Duct Tape HacksSource: wcollins260

#27. Duct tape works even on airplanes

Funny Duct Tape HacksSource: xdionx

#28. My makeshift bath pillow: rolled up towel in a plastic bag, duct taped to the wall

Funny Duct Tape HacksSource: GenderlessCharacter

#29. You really CAN do anything with duct tape

Funny Duct Tape HacksSource: 5_Frog_Margin

#30. There I fixed it

Funny Duct Tape HacksSource: thisproductcancause

#31. Duct tape? Yes

Funny Duct Tape HacksSource:

#32. Chester zoo is struggling so much after covid closure that they have started to use duct tape to repair the animals

Funny Duct Tape HacksSource: ViktorBoskovic

#33. Duct tape is the answer to every problem!

Funny Duct Tape HacksSource: Jonnypaleface

#34. My friend is keeping his band-aid on with duct tape

Funny Duct Tape HacksSource: memes_from_China

#35. Duct tape fixes everything

Funny Duct Tape HacksSource: Dopefull

#36. Duct tape when in doubt...

Funny Duct Tape HacksSource: aman_is_aman

#37. Duct tape fixes anything

Funny Duct Tape HacksSource: tacoyo

#38. "Hello, Chief? You're... You're gonna want to come to take a look at this"

Funny Duct Tape HacksSource: LegendBiscuits

#39. My friend's ingenious solution to his charger always falling/not reaching his bed: duct tape

Funny Duct Tape HacksSource: DeGreatKan

#40. Duct tape fixes everything

Funny Duct Tape HacksSource: Yarixen

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