30 Worst Shoe Fails That Deserve A Spot In The Epic Fail List

Failures are something unavoidable and uncontrollable in life. Though you might feel bad when you fail at something, remember that failures are stepping stones to success. And it's good for you to enjoy and take use of those mistakes to move forward in the direction of your goal.
Sometimes you might question why life constantly throws storms at you and your days are worse than others. But, don't worry because you never know how many people out there are experiencing more terrible days than you. Below are some examples we have collected. They are the worst shoe fails ever recorded in history. So, scroll down to take a look. Maybe watching these epic shoe fails can make you feel better about your life.

#1. Too fat for my shoes

Source: alhths

#2. Putting these shoes in the dryer was a bad idea

Source: Bmchris44

#3. Those poor shoes

Source: Iplayinthestreet

#4. Left my shoes outside in Australia

Source: Fuglypuppet

#5. This is why you don't leave your shoes outside in Australia

Source: unknown / reddit

#6. Guy at the bus stop cut off the tops of more expensive shoes and put them over his tennis shoes...

Source: JessyeAmeli

#7. Train stole a shoe

Source: Dr_Procrastinator

#8. The soles of my fairly new golf shoes completely fell off in the middle of a round. Thanks, Nike!

Source: unknown / reddit

#9. Got my toddler new shoes over the weekend. He just threw one of them into the fireplace

Source: liamemsa

#10. Might be time to change shoes

Source: sturg1dj

#11. I put my shoes on with no socks and thought I felt a pebble in the toe. Then this guy jumps out

Source: LayoverToFunkytown

#12. Moments after arriving at the office, my shoes decided to take the day off

Source: gammal93

#13. I threw my shoes up to try and get the ball out and they all got stuck

Source: FamilyGuyFan10

#14. My son’s hamster escaped his habitat only to jump into and chew through my other son’s new shoe

Source: shortysparklz

#15. Friend left shoes in the garage over the winter. The garage continuously floods. A delicious mix of water and spores resulted in this. I'm thoroughly disgusted

Source: Charliedelicious

#16. First time I ever ordered shoes online and they came with this

Source: unknown / reddit

#17. My in-law’s dog got to my favorite pair of shoes

Shoe FailsSource: snafumistress

#18. I had these shoes for about 8 months when the bottom side of my left shoe broke, during school. Guess whose socks are going to be wet

Shoe FailsSource: South-Supermarket945

#19. If the shoe fits...

Shoe FailsSource: WorstNameEver242

#20. My shoe had a blowout not even halfway through the day

Shoe FailsSource: hashnotag

#21. So I decided to lace my shoe to the last hole today and this was pushed out

Shoe FailsSource: hobo1256

#22. Dude lost his shoe right as the subway doors closed

Shoe FailsSource: ryandrums14

#23. This is what happens when you Hike For Six hours with wet shoes and socks...

Shoe FailsSource: unknown / reddit

#24. Cleaning up my house after a party last night, found this under one of my shoes. I have no idea WTF this is

Shoe FailsSource: Chinspanker

#25. A picture from 3 years ago, my shoe got punctured by a spile from a bush, and hit my ankle, the pain was dear god

Shoe FailsSource: Cat_The_E

#26. I'm trying to go to a wedding, but the sound of my shoe clapping alerts everyone

Shoe FailsSource: Lemonscouldblemonade

#27. How did she even get her shoes on?

Shoe FailsSource: hailsk8n

#28. Well, this lady needs some new shoes/feet?

Shoe FailsSource: TamaraBrookes

#29. Went to play golf after years off, and my shoes disintegrated after the 2nd hole

Shoe FailsSource: KermitMadMan

#30. I found a bone in a shoe I was about to try on

Shoe FailsSource: ryjaal

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