Super Strange And Crazy Ads People Have Ever Posted On Craigslist

Online advertising and selling are no longer strange things today. But, no matter how many times people use online platforms to post their ads, many still fail at this. And the result? People get trolled over and over again for their 'unique' style of advertising. The product they try to sell may not be of attention, but the ad itself is indeed pure gold.
Craigslist is one of the biggest advertising websites in the US. People can find literally everything there, from wanted items to community services, jobs to discussion forums. And with this variety of things, i's not hard to find something really interesting to see. Strange and funny ads? Sure! People stumbled upon countless amusing ads posted on this website, and here we have selected some of the best ones to show you in the list below. These unintentionally amusing posts will definitely give you a good time reading them. Let's scroll down and check them out now.


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#13 Virus proof!

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#14 Found a "lost" dog

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#15 The things you see on Craigslist when you live in Nashville

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#16 Free bacon!!

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