20 Creepy, Eerie Illustrations Of Disney Characters That May Make Fans Frightened

Up to now, those beautiful images in Disney movies have been deeply implanted in our minds such as beautiful princesses, handsome princes, or adorable animated characters.
As for creative artists, their artistic minds have different perspectives of anything, so they viewed those colorful images in Disney movies from the distinctive side. So, they prefer re-drawing those Disney scenes and characters in their own style and personal touch. Some works tend to be eerie and creepy which look completely artistic and outstanding, but they might make you scared. Despite the horrible appearance, their drawings have become widespread on social networks, I'm sure that you cannot take your eyes off them.
Now prepare yourself mentally to be able to admire these works of creepy disney drawings!

#1 Micky Mouse by Will Hughes

creepy disney drawingsSource: Will Hughes

Mickey Mouse usually appears as a little cute boy in our mind. Hence, I am actually astonished by this macabre work of the 3D artist.

#2 Zombified by Rob Carlos

Rob Carlos re-draws beautiful Disney princesses in the appearance of zombies. I admit that he did a good job with those works!

creepy disney drawingsSource: Rob Carlos

Princess Ariel and Cinderella make us scared of their creepy appearance.
creepy disney drawings Creepy disney drawings

Source: Rob Carlos

His eerie Disney zombies are just incredible!

#3 Stitch, Experiment 626 by Boris Kiselicki

 Creepy Illustrations Of Disney Characters Source: Boris Kiselicki

Did you remember a cute blue koala, Stitch?
Now he is transformed to the dark side by Boris Kiselicki, in my opinion, his art is quite good.

#4 Creepyfied Disney Drawings by Atomic circuS

 Creepy Illustrations Of Disney Characters Source: Atomic circuS

Those works of art are illustrated by a multi-media artist, Dino Tomic.

Firstly, he has created a creepy version of Frozen, this work made me so impressive

 Creepy Illustrations Of Disney Characters Creepy Illustrations Of Disney Characters

Source: Atomic circuS

Another version of a cowboy Woody and Buzz Lightyear is partly thrilling but still good.

creepy disney drawingsSource: Atomic circuS

The characters in Aladdin appear in a unique way of style.

#5 Jack Skellington by Austen Mengler

creepy disneySource: AustenMengler

The mind-blowing work of Austen Mengler can not be undeniable.

#6 Sully and Mike by Disse86

creepy disneySource: Disse86

As for me, a very creepy style of Sully and Mike got me thrilled.

#7 Winnie The Pooh by Simon Hartvig

creepy disney charactersSource: Simon Hartvig

Winnie has lost his adorable side in this work. It looks eerie!

#8 Bambi by Whiluna

creepy disney charactersSource: Whiluna

Whiluna has designed the creepy Bambi and gained a lot of attention for this piece.

#9 Twisted Princess Series by Jeffrey Thomas and Kasami Sensei

creepy disney picturesSource:Kasami Sensei and Jeffrey Thomas

Two talented artists have come together to create Twisted Princess Series. They transformed these Disney Princesses into their own style.

creepy disney picturesSource: Kasami Sensei and Jeffrey Thomas

Are you scared by Ariel and Rapunzel in these drawings?

#10 The Happiest Place on Earth by jflaxman

creepy facts about disney charactersSource: jflaxman

Another version of Mickey Mouse, I am sure that work definitely makes you feel very frightened.

#11 Donald Duck by Andre De Freitas

Donald Duck by Andre De FreitasSource: Andre De Freitas

With the bloody mouth, Donald Duck tends to be horrible in this version, however, it is still an amazing piece.

#12 Pinocchio by Simon Hartvig

Pinocchio by Simon HartvigSource: Simon Hartvig

The little cute boy in Pinocchio is illustrated by Simon Hartvig according to eerie style.

#13 "Popped Culture" by Dan LuVisi

Popped Culture" by Dan LuVisiSource: Dan Luvisi

Source: Dan Luvisi

The artist exhibits his artistic prowess and dark sense of humor through his beloved characters.

#14 Disney Darkness by Shawn Coss

The art of Shawn Coss has featured gorgeous Disney princesses with a dark tone.

Disney Darkness by Shawn CossSource: Shawn Coss

How amazing Ariel is in this drawing!

creepy disney princessesSource: Shawn Coss

Shawn Coss has shown us a whole new Disney world!

#15 Hades by Will Hughes

Hades by Will HughesSource: Will Hughes

To me, Hades is just too fantastic. This picture is on another level of art.

#16 Phineas and Ferb by Marques31

Phineas and Ferb by Marques31Source: Marques31

You might be familiar with Phineas and Ferb, they are playful boys. But have you seen this version of them yet? It is quite unique and a little bit creepy.

#17 "Don't be afraid" by HodariNundu

creepy disney drawings Creepy disney drawings

Source: HodariNundu

This Disney piece is the perfect one, it is really awesome eerie art.
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