10 Funny Things Kids Say To Their Moms, Illustrated By Artist Weng Chen

It's never easy to raise a child, but there are hundreds of reasons it's worth our time, money, and sacrifice. This is also what the webcomic artist Weng Chen thinks. She finds it so sweet and precious to stay with her kids, hearing them say "I love you", or simply playing with them. However, there are also the other times her 'oh-so-funny kids aren't afraid to say out loud some bitter truth, like how old she looks.
Chen decides to show all of those lovely moments in her newest comic series "Funny things kids say", and we think you should have a look at it today! If you also have your own baby, you will find these drawings so relatable. Scroll down to watch them!

#1. "Mom, you are twelve or fifty years old?"

#2. "Mommy, you heart my feeling."

#3. "Grandma, don't eat the ice scream, you'll get fat!"

#4. "Daddy, you hug mommy."

#5. "Mom, there's no food in the house. You should go shopping."

#6. "Mom, can I eat you then?"

#7. "Mom, come see the poop I just took. It's like a castle!"

#8. "You are pretty, but you are old."

#9. "Mom. even you are old and ugly, I still love you."

#10. "Mommy, I peed from my mouth."

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