Feel The Second Hand Embarrassment With These Dumbest Things People Have Done To Impress A Crush

Remembering the first time you had a crush on someone, we believe that many of you still feel a bit embarrassed for the things you have done. "Why on earth did I do that?" Yeah, sometimes when people fall for someone, they'll do everything to catch the attention of the 'target.' And don't be surprised if they actually try to do something Thésilly that makes others have to cover their eyes.
When Redditor u/Mea05cer asked other users to share the dumbest thing they ever did to try and impress a girl or guy, people replied with a myriad of hilarious answers. Went through the thread and we have selected some of the best ones to show you in the list below. Prepare yourself for the incoming wave of laughter in those incredibly funny and silly stories. And now, scroll down to check them out and have a good time.


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