Here Are The Gender-Bent Versions Of Your Favorite Disney Characters And You Would Absolutely Love Them

Here Are The Genderbent Disney Sakimichan Versions Of Your Favorite Disney Characters And You Would Absolutely Love Them.

Disney stories are mostly about charming princesses who eventually find their princes and live happily ever after, but have you ever wondered how would it be if we had guys as protagonists in these fairy adventures? Sounds great, right? Well, a Canadian artist nicknamed Sakimichan has made that fantasy come true by switching genders of some iconic Disney characters in his gender-bender series, and the results are definitely mesmerizing!

Sakimichan, also known as Sakisakimi, is a 29-year-old digital illustrator who likes “painting sexy/curvy female and pretty boys on the side” (as he shared on artstation). In addition to designing his own characters, the artist also enjoys creating fanart of his favorite movies like Ghibli animations, Marvel works, or, of course, Disney cartoons.

In this post, we have collected 20 captivating gender-bent illustrations of well-known Disney characters that Sakimichan has drawn lately, and we are sure that they will capture your heart in the blink of an eye. Scroll down and enjoy!

#1. Hades would make a badass-looking female character!

Gender-Bent VersionsSource: sakimichan

#2. Esméralda is so attractive here.

Gender-Bent VersionsSource: sakimichan

#3. Handsome and the Beast.

genderbent disney sakimichanSource: sakimichan

#4. Boy Alice in Wonderland.

genderbent disney sakimichanSource: sakimichan

#5. Elsa and Anna - the ice bros.

Elsa and Anna - the ice brosSource: sakimichan

#6. There's something so dark yet tempting about the male version of Maleficent.

male version of MaleficentSource: sakimichan

#7. The Ariel twins!

The Ariel twins!Source: sakimichan

#8. Male Ursula looks just like his original version.

Male UrsulaSource: sakimichan

#9. Jack and Sally from "The Nightmare before Christmas" - their love is eternal.

scorpio woman memesSource: sakimichan

#10. The male Pocahontas is no less fierce and daring.

The male PocahontasSource: sakimichan

#11. Female and male Elsa group pic!

Female and male Elsa group picSource: sakimichan

#12. The male Cruella seems to be very fond of puppies!

male CruellaSource: sakimichan

#13. Male Ariel and female Flounder look so cute together, as usual.

Male Ariel and female FlounderSource: sakimichan

#14. The good-looking and a little bit wicked Elsa.

Source: sakimichan

#15. Jack Frost is just so adorable as a girl!

genderbent disney sakimichanSource: sakimichan

#16. Elsa and Jack Frost, what an amusing combination.

Elsa and Jack FrostSource: sakimichan

#17. Snow White looks just like Clark Kent from "Smallville".

Source: sakimichan

#18. Male Jessica Rabbit is so on fire!

Male Jessica RabbitSource: sakimichan

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