Ridiculous Double Standards That People Just Can't Stand

We all know some people who set rules for everyone except themselves. What kind of justice is that? Like, is this world not unfair enough? We believe that many of you here will have the same thought about that. If that rule is for everyone, then, excuse me, you're no exception. Don't expect anyone to do everything as you want while you cannot do it. And yet, these 'double standards' are never hard to spot out there.
Some people just don't realize how ridiculous they are when they set their standards for others. Some say they're only interested in funny, active dates, unknowing that others think they are boring af. And here, we have tons of other stupid and amusing double standards for you to see. People really don't hold back to shame that ridiculousness online. So now, let's scroll down and check them out in the list below. Have a good time!


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