Some Of The Best Joke That Gen Z-ers Will Feel Hilariously Relatable

Time goes by, and the world changes. People all know that we have to move forward in order not to fall behind. And yet, we can never erase the generation gap. Even though we can be parents and kids in one family, it's not necessary that we have to share the same perspective in life. We may have different career goals, ways to entertain, likes, and dislike. And one thing for sure, the jokes that make the youngsters laugh hard can turn out to be a bit hard-to-understand to their parents, or even older siblings and cousins.
If you're a Gen Z-er, you've found the right post to see. Some say that Gen Z jokes are on a whole different level. So here's for you. We have collected some of the most hilarious pictures that any Gen Z-er will find strangely relatable. Let's scroll down and check them out in the list below right now.


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