Laugh Out Loud With These Hilarious Photos Of Crappy Products

When asked: "What do you think heaven on earth is?" we bet that many people will say "supermarket." That's legit. Let's say, where else can you find everything you need to make yourself satisfied? Every time I put a favorite snack, a pack of fizzy drinks, or a beautiful little (but totally useless to me) kitchen utensil into my cart, my stressful disordered mind feels a little relief. Well, shopping is good for your mental health. It's not only helpful to de-stress, but it can also bring you laughter. Yeah, laugh, for real.
Strolling at supermarkets and people stumble upon countless amusing things that make them burst into laughter. Like, you're buying some snacks for tonight's movie time, and suddenly, you realize that your favorite "Lays" has magically turned into "Legs." The heck? And this is only one among countless cases when people spot ridiculous knock-off brands while shopping. Let's scroll down and check out these hilarious pics in the list below. Enjoy!

#1 *With extra whitening effect

Source: CrappyOfBrands

#2 The what master?

Source: vlonevon13

#3 Adjective + Food Shape = Precise Offbrand Name

Source: JustDaveyBoyy


Source: Controversy_Creator

#5 Dr. Pepper's much less flashy cousin

Source: rapidbeta4

#6 The best view

Source: 9gag

#7 The chip that always prongs back

Source: sal19

#8 Weeee

Source: technollama

#9 The answer to all your existential butter questions

Source: rapidbeta4

#10 Uhh yum...

Source: mreeveesoup

#11 I found a Japanese knockoff of the movie “IT”

Source: DrRowdybush

#12 Go home! U drunk!

Source: sillysammi92

#13 Who’s ready to play?

Source: [deleted]

#14 That Green Nut

Source: tastemyownut

#15 These knock-off Oreos

Source: knockoff-oreos-blog

#16 And these slightly suggestive knock-off Oreos

Source: jdotmassacre

#17 And these Italian sounding knock-off Oreos

Source: pearltearizzy

#18 And these very powerful knock-off Oreos

Source: ItsMeJerrySeinfeld

#19 And these repetitive knock-off Oreos

Source: knockoff-oreos-blog

#20 And, lord help us, these lickety-split knock-off Oreos

Source: knockoff-oreos-blog

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