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Feel The Cringe With These Awkward Situations People Had In Their Life

Humans are forgetful, somehow. We easily forget what we’re going to talk about or even the name of the friend who is talking to us. Well, it’s funny how we often forget important things, while we cannot get away from unnecessary or embarrassing things. We are all the same when it comes to making mistakes and embarrassing ourselves. But, people in this article are the true heroes when they dare to share with us their most awkward moments.

You’re running late for school, so you quickly grab your laptop on the counter then rush out. It’s not until you need to use it that you realize that the thing you grabbed was not even a computer. So, you amaze your friends in class with your not-so-new plastic cutting board as your strangest study tool. Then, even years later, you still can feel the vivid cringe every time this moment flashes through your mind. Prepare because we have a lot more for you to see in the list below. These awkward situations will make you laugh and cringe at the same time. Let’s scroll down check them out now.

#1 “My cousin in England told her colleagues she wanted a Mariah Carey birthday cake. They misunderstood, and here’s the cake they made her instead. It’s Marie Curie.”

Source: harrietalida

#2 *Oops!!*

Source: Sydney_allenn

#3 “It’s uncomfortable enough to poop at a friend’s house. Even worse when you realize there’s no toilet paper and you’re too far in.”

Source: thepoormanguise

#4 “Just got my new mou…”

Source: Aldeeny0

#5 “I started using the pens that can be erased by the heat. Then I left my book in the sun.”

Source: sweetbabygreen

#6 Perfectly blended in

Source: freshbluntz

#7 Nickname: Lizard

Source: 725103121292414

#8 “I left my shoe in the window for 2 months and it shrunk.”

Source: vuhsachi

#9 Sometimes you can find your stuff in a very unexpected place

Source: kennymontemayo

#10 “I have to go on a trip in 5 minutes.”

Source: monkaSS1

#11 “Dumb question — How long does a baseball game last?”

Source: Brad_Gagnon

#12 “I don’t even know how this happened.”

Source: NRL87

#13 “My wig has a grey hair.”

Source: SavannahPaytash

#14 Never leave a rubber duck in a hot car

Source: markyshmarky

#15 “I went to class today really thinking I had grabbed my computer off the kitchen counter.”

Source: abbydermody

#16 She knows how to draw

Source: pieCharmed

#17 “My 3-year-old kid told this man at McDonalds that his pants are falling down.”

Source: imblackgrapes

#18 “I was at work and I was so upset that someone left their dog in the office, so I went to play with it. Turns out, it’s a statue.”

Source: vividvelveteen

#19 “I was super excited to get my yearbook. Turns out, out of all 153 submitted forms for the personal questions part, they only lost mine.”

Source: Its_just_Connor

#20 A guy who was not quick enough

Source: ryandrums14

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