This Little Hamster Looks So Adorable Even With A Cast On Its Arm

People love their pets. They mean a lot to us, sometimes like a family member. And none of us ever want to see our beloved animal friends get hurt. But sometimes they do get injured and people need to take care of them. Like you can see in the photo of GeorgeOnee below, he's holding in his hand a tiny hamster whose arm was broken. The little cutie is wearing an even tinier arm cast, and we have to admit that the little one looks so adorable even with that arm.

Image Credit: GeorgeOnee 

GeorgeOnee posted this photo to show that his hamster was healing and looked completely well. Even though he didn't mention why the little fella broke its arm (yeah, this creature can get hurt from nearly everything), he did say that insurance covered the cost of that cast.
We have here some more photos of adorable animals in casts, and they'll definitely melt your heart. Enjoy!

Image Credit: Morgan-Explosion


Image Credit: Jamwee


Image Credit: Megan King


Image Credit: Jamie Lorriman


Image Credit: LiquidBionix


Image Credit: Jeff Moore

H/T: laughingsquid
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