Funny Moments When "Good" Ideas Went Wrong

To err is to be humans. After all, we're just a species amongst other thousands living on this planet. We're tiny and cannot know everything. The thing that we believe it's true can turn out to be far from the right thing. The idea that 'seemed like a good idea at the time' eventually ends in disaster. Well, humans make mistakes. And that's how we learn to be better.
What is the worst mistake that you made because you thought it was good at the time? For someone, it may be spraying pepper spray into the air to test the smell, getting their eyes burned. Come on. There must be another way to know how your pepper spray smells without harming your own eyes. And it's not just that. There are many things more that people thought were good at first but made them regret immediately. Keep scrolling down and check them out in the list below.

#1 This dad who stuck a suction cup toy to his head and let his kid pull it off

Source: BingErrDronePilot

#2 This person who ordered a custom mask and, well, things didn't turn out quite as she hoped

Source: hhhhhhhillary

#3 And this librarian who made the questionable decision to hang this poster here

Source: puffyyn

#4 This coworker who put dry ice in the toilet by mistake, making it look like boil, boil, toil(et) and trouble

Source: Samaraiii

#5 This person who accidentally locked their bike to the bike next to theirs...stranding the other bike owner

Source: sycknyss2

#6 This person who made the mistake of installing traditional Japanese sliding doors in a home with cats

Source: Pirate_Redbeard

#7 This person who tried to take a panoramic photo of their dog and ended up with a nightmare image

Source: Bomber_Max

#8 This person who went out on a limb and hired a barber off Craigslist

Source: Maklo_Never_Forget

#9 This person who peeled their monitor thinking it had a screen protector on it

Source: dansaltclan

#10 My friends and I were shooting each other with fireworks on New Year's Eve. One landed directly in between my eyes. Thankfully, it didn't go off and I wasn't injured

Source: SirEnsignius

#11 My cousin and I were sitting on his balcony on a breezy day and we decided to spray some of my pepper spray into the air to see what it smelled like. Oh, how our eyes burned

Source: swampmutt

#12 My friend and I used to play a game where we would throw a Swiss Army knife up in the air at nighttime and then run away from the sharp blade

Source: UnacceptableUse

#13 I made bows and arrows with my friends when I was around 13. To ensure that the arrows got stuck in some tree or whatnot, we duct-taped 80 mm nails at their ends

Source: spiderMechanic

#14 In the fifth grade I invented a game where you get the swing as high and fast as you can, then at the bottom you run off it really fast. Well, I timed it wrong and my head landed on the asphalt. I got a serious concussion

Source: suddenly_satire

#15 When I was a kid, I tried to ride my bike up the trunk of a tree so I could kick off and try to land it. I thought it'd be really cool...turns out a tree trunk is rounded, so you'll just slip off the trunk and hit your head on the tree. My brother still gives me shit about trying to ride my bike up a tree

Source: Brotatoman

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