Laugh Out Loud With These Horror Stories About Surprise Birthday Parties

We all love to have a sweet surprise on our birthday. People sometimes are too busy with their work and stuff that they forget even their special day. And how wonderful it is when they come home after a long day at work and get welcomed by a surprise party? That must be the sweetest thing they can ever imagine. Well, perhaps. It's a surprise party, after all, so things can happen in a way that no one expected.
Surprise parties can go on either of these two ways, surprisingly excellent or surprisingly bad. And when things go down the wrong path, they can be surprisingly hilarious. Imagine that you get a surprise party, and you simply faint when you hear people scream 'Happy Birthday.' That's awkward. Prepare yourself because we have collected some more party madness situations like this to present to you. Scroll down and enjoy your time.

#1 "The person we were throwing a 63rd birthday party for was coming back from a trip with his wife, and all 50+ of us were in the backyard with all the decorations set up and food. His wife texted us when they were five minutes away, and we all gathered at the fence where they would soon enter. The fence was about 7 feet tall, so you couldn't see anything over it. When they entered, we all yelled surprise, and his face looked like he was about to sneeze, but instead, he was having a stroke."

Source: notwiththatattitude

"He ended up in the hospital for the evening. The food was good, though."

#2 "In high school, I was responsible for keeping a friend busy while her parents set everything up at their house for the party. We get back to her house, all the lights are off, and she walks into the door and says, 'I have to take a huge shit.'"

Source: spheryeyne

"The lights turn on, and everyone yells, 'Surprise!' Embarrassment ensues."

#3 "My friends, family, and coworkers planned a surprise birthday party for me at my house. To give everyone time to get there and get set up, my coworkers had my boss ask me to stay late at work 'because we might have an emergency project to do tonight.' So 5 p.m. rolls around, and everyone heads home (really, to my house). I sit around, and at 7 p.m., I finally text the boss that I'm headed out unless she really needs me to stay. It turns out she was supposed to have me go home at 5:30 p.m. Since I figure my evening is shot anyway, I head to the grocery store, pick up my dry cleaning, and drop off my recycling."

Source: jasunshine

"I walked in my door around 8:45–9 p.m. to find all my friends, family, and coworkers drunk in my house! They were all a bit too in their cups to muster a coordinated 'Surprise!' but I figured it out. Ended up having a blast!"

#4 "I went out for a romantic dinner with my then-wife. She was being unusually flirty and went to the restroom. When she comes back, she brings back panties in her hand and gives them to me. She says she couldn't wait to get back home. So, we arrive back home, and she tells me to meet in the basement while she changes into something for the evening. I go downstairs and start taking off my pants when about 30 friends in the basement yell, 'Surprise,' for an early surprise birthday party."

Source: wordsmif

"I fell backward on the stairs, could feel my heart racing, and barely covered my boner that was fortunately rapidly deflating. I would rather have had the intended evening's activities, and I didn't end up getting any birthday sex."

#5 "My friend gets back from deployment, and it's my job to take him out and keep him away while they prepare his house. When we arrive, everyone jumps out, and my friend reacts automatically by punching someone in the face and throwing himself out of the door at the same time."

Source: Captianhowarth

"They had two chipped teeth and a sprained wrist."

#6 "My girlfriend punched her aunt in the face and broke her nose because she jumped out right in front of her when they yelled surprise."

Source: kristieecakes

"One hospital trip later, they decided not to throw surprise parties anymore."

#7 "My aunt had set up a surprise 40th birthday party for my uncle. Everyone was hiding in the basement, waiting for him to come home from work. His car pulls up, he runs inside the house, and everyone yells SURPRISE. He shits himself."

Source: Church_of_Xenu

"It turns out he had the runs that day and really had to poop. We all had to wait until he got a shower for cake. I was 9 at the time and couldn't stop laughing."

#8 "A buddy of mine set up a surprise party for his fiancé. She thought he was off to another state for a week for work. He came back early on her birthday and set up a huge surprise party for her at home. She usually gets home at like 6 p.m. from work, and it's already 7 p.m., and we finally hear her coming. We turn off the lights, and she comes home hammered with another dude that she was going to have sex with."

Source: OK4U2LOVE

"DRAMA was all over the place. It was a huge chaotic argument with people taking sides. My buddy was really pissed and faked that he was calm, and then, like a cheetah, jumped out of his seat and decked the dude in the face and knocked him out. The guy deserved it. He was a pickup artist and knew she was engaged. She was just an easy catch, but still, she is at fault, and they ended breaking up."

#9 "When I was 13, my mom's then-boyfriend wanted to throw her a surprise party for her 40th birthday. My job was to keep her out of the house after work/school long enough for him to set everything up and for everyone to arrive. I told her I wanted to use my saved-up allowance to take her shopping for a new purse. We were leaving the store, and as we were walking to her car, two men rushed by us and took off with her purse."

Source: Turdburgl4r74

"She was happy with the party, but her worrying about having to cancel her credit cards, etc., put a damper on the occasion for sure."

#10 My mom was having a surprise party thrown for her 30th birthday. They flew in the whole family; her parents came, the whole shebang. On the way home from work, she was driving on a mountain road and was hit head first by a truck. She was driving a VW Beetle and was helicoptered to the hospital. She ended up needing emergency surgery on her back.

Source: weezerluva369

"So when she woke up in the hospital, they were trying to get her phone number to call the family. She couldn't remember it.
So a house full of people was waiting for my mom for like two or three hours, and eventually, she remembered the number. She was completely bedridden for six months after that accident."

#11 "A friend of mine was about to leave for Africa and spend two years there in the Peace Corps. The week before his departure, I took him out for drinks to say goodbye. We got drunk, and he told me he was planning to break up with his girlfriend the day he flew out. The next day, I got an email from said girlfriend inviting me to his surprise going away party that was the night before he was to leave, aka his designated breakup time."

Source: Highlife_BeerGuy

"I wasn't able to attend the party because of work, but I thought it would be best if I called him and told him it was really important for him to break up with her ASAP rather than wait until the last minute. He wasn't sure why I was so concerned, but he eventually decided I was right. I guess it put a damper on the party for her, but it was still a good time from what I heard. He thanked me later for not having to do the breakup at his surprise party."
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