Brilliant Artist Recreates Disney Characters As Evolving Pokemon, And They Will Certainly Blow You Up!

Brilliant Artist Recreates Disney Pokemon Evolution, And They Will Certainly Blow You Up!
Pokemon is one of the few Japanese animated series that is popular in the European market. The series takes place in a fictional universe where living beings with supernatural abilities - Pokemon exist. People, known as Pokemon Trainers, train Pokemon to fight other trainers' Pokemon, and the battles are held until either side is no longer able to compete. The special thing that makes this movie so attractive is the Pokemon have the ability to evolve. After their evolution, they will have a completely different appearance as well as develop their other special skills.
Disney is also one of the influential studios in the world of animation. There are many people who love both Disney and Pokemon and therefore have a desire to see how Disney characters would evolve if they became Pokemon. Inspired by this idea, Ry Spirit - a talented young artist, proceeds to draw pictures of Disney characters turning into Pokemon. And you guess what, the result is incredible.
Scroll down to see these wonderful fanarts!

#1 Eeyore in "Winnie the Pooh"

disney pokemon evolutionSource: ryspiritart

This Pokemon is always sleepy and tired.

#2 Iago in "Aladdin"

disney evolutionSource: ryspiritart

Iago is a greedy bird and always wants to become rich.

#3 Rajah in "Aladdin"

disney evolutionSource: ryspiritart

In Maharajah's version, Rajah will become the most powerful animal in the forest.

#4 Abu in "Aladdin"

disney pokemonSource: ryspiritart

Just like his original personality in the movie, Abu is always curious and attracted to shiny objects.

#5 Dalmatian in "One Hundred and One Dalmatians"

disney pokemonSource: ryspiritart

Spotless can definitely steal all your hearts.

#6 Olaf in "Frozen"

disney pokemonSource: ryspiritart

No matter he is at what stage of evolution, Olaf always keeps his signature bright smile.

#7 Dumbo in "Dumbo" (2019)

Dumbo in "Dumbo"Source: ryspiritart

Dumbo is a cute, playful and innocent elephant. His special ability is that he can fly.

#8 Genie in "Aladdin"

Genie in "Aladdin"Source: ryspiritart

His evolution includes Lampie, Genie and Genieus.

#9 Don, Donald and Don-old

Don, Donald and Don-oldSource: ryspiritart

Are these Donald Duck's versions enough to wow all Disney fans?

#10 Mike in "Monster Inc."

Source: ryspiritart

Although his first evolution looks so much cute, he turns out to be a super scary monster when he becomes Eye.m.scary

#11 Mickey Mouse and his Pokemon evolution

Source: ryspiritart

Disney's symbol always look cute in every version.

#12Randall in "Monsters Inc."

Source: ryspiritart

His evolution includes three stages: Randy, Randall and Ranzilla.

#13 Pluto is a loyal and friendly dog who is always along with Mickey Mouse.

Source: ryspiritart

#14 Tigger in "Winnie the Pooh"

Source: ryspiritart

The finger gun hand gesture is his favorite gesture.

#15 Eve in "WALL-E"

Source: ryspiritart

Eve's combat prowess increases over time and when she becomes Evangel1on, she can destroy anything in her path.

#16 Wall-E in "WALL-E"

Source: ryspiritart

As he becomes Wall-Z, with a height of 7 meters, he is truly the ultimate form.

#17 Stitch in "Lilo and Stitch"

Source: ryspiritart

Don't be stupid to play around with him unless you want to get hurt.

#18 Little Mini is the cutest animal in the world, right?

Source: ryspiritart

#19 Winnie the Pooh in "Winnie the Pooh"

Source: ryspiritart

As an adult, he finally got rid of honey and eats healthier foods.

#20 Owl in "Winnie the Pooh"

Source: ryspiritart

Hooters, Owl and Eyebrowls are his three stages of evolution, respectively.

#21 Rabbit in "Winnie the Pooh"

Source: ryspiritart

He's a rabbit obsessed with carrots, don't you dare to touch his carrots?

#22 Sully in "Monsters, Inc."

disney pokemon evolution Disney pokemon evolution

Source: ryspiritart

No matter he tries, he is still very scary to everyone.

#23 Each level of Bolt's evolution is so fascinating that it makes all the fans get hooked.

disney pokemon evolutionSource: ryspiritart

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