20 Funny Pets Who Try To Be Cool But It Turns Out They Are Acting Like Idiots

If you don't know how to feel happier, try owning a pet! You can just ask some owners and they will tell you at least a dozen of ways how these creatures will bring joy to you. As life would be so boring if you didn't have a friend, why don't you just let these friends stay by your side, and make jokes to you every day?
The Reddit community r/AnimalsBeingDerps is a place where animal lovers can find joy and happiness. Here, owners are sharing their pets who, with their own logic, think that they are acting so cool; but it turns out 'fool' enough to make their owners laugh a lot!!! Do you want to see how funny they are? Let's check it in the twenty-three pictures below!
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#1. "I was repotting my agave when I looked inside and saw my cat like this.."

Source: VQ37HR911

#2.  "Grandpa asked for a picture of me and my cat, then my cat posed like this!"

Source: hateradequencher

#3. "My cat likes to make life harder for himself."

Source: phlourz

#4. "I don't even have an explanation of what he is trying to do with this action..."

Source: resident_vamp516

#5. "I told her to stop scratching, she proceeds to play d.e.a.d.."

Source: basedtrashboat

#6. "What are these scary things?" This happened with my vet’s cats when I brought him fruit from my garden.

Source: LaiSaLong

#7. "Smile for the camera! No, not like that"

Source: mandiekitty

#8. "I don’t think Obie understands the concept of a 'scratch post' "

Source: Khaleesi1998

#9. "Wait, I need to know what got stuck in my teeth. Let me use the tongue to move it out"

Source: BeingBannedSucks

#10. When you tell the chef to make it as hot as he wants

#11. "My cat looks like a chonky high heel. Is she doing this to get my attention?"

Source: KittyKupo

#12. Is she doing yoga? ... Cool...

Source: abshackleford

#13. "I've mastered the art of standing so incredibly still that I become invisible to the naked eye"

Source: DR_THRAX_

#14. "I could swear there’s an easier way to get the treat!"

Source: RelayFX

#15. "This is how my cat sits on the stairs"

Source: Rnin0913

#16. "I feel so cool here!"

Source: courtesy_flush_plz

#17. "Imagine my fear at turning around and seeing my little dog gone, then double it at seeing this thing emerge from the water."

Source: goatdogmessiah

#18. Maybe he is sleeping, or maybe he is looking at you...

Source: twitch_embers

#19. A whole lot of chaos going on here!

Source: BalloonBollicks

#20. "She does this face when she's focused."

Source: Akuiiponen

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