Caught In Poachers' Snare And Having Cut-Through Mouth, Orphaned Albino Elephant Finds Family In New Herd

The wild might be the hardest place to live, especially for newborn animals, but it's also a place that witnesses inspiring stories. This poor orphaned albino baby elephant, with her story, teaches everyone not to give up, even in the toughest situations.

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You may never find somewhere else a more unfortunate soul than Khanyisa! For the albino elephant, life seemed to be nothing but all the hardness. At four-month-old, she lost her mother from poachers of whom she later became a victim, too. What happened next to her, as you could imagine, was too heart-breaking to tell!
It's important to know that Khanysia was one of many calves getting trapped for food or for sale. But she was a lucky circumstance. In a cruel poachers snare, rescuers found her and just in time moved her to a sanctuary in Mpumalanga, northeast of Johannesburg. With a cut-through mouth, Khanyisa was exhausted, dehydrated, and unable to eat or drink.
It wasn't long before she was taken to Hoedspruit Elephant Rehabilitation and Development (HERD), a famous elephant orphanage on African Continent. Because HERD volunteers gave her the love and comfort she'd been seeking, Khanyisa recovered very quickly. She found a new family here.

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Sharing the same difficult life as Khanysia's, most of the elephants at HERD are happy to welcome the baby girl. They adore her so much. The herd of elephants is led by the patriarchal bull Jabulani. An elder female (Lammie) even cares for Khanyisa as if she were her own daughter.
Telling Reuters, Adine Roode, HERD founder, said “I think that is part of the reason that they accept the orphans because they know how it feels. Lammie played a massive role in Khanyisa’s wellbeing. She helped Khanyisa to stay calm.”
Mrs. Adine showed her concern about the rise of snaring that threatens the lives of many animals in the area.
The albino Khanyisa, who never yields to her fate, is a true warrior in life. She proves that you don’t have to be too big to be strong and beat all the odds. And finally, happiness will come to those who know to fight for it. Khanyisa is living under the protection of her family. If the herd grows too big, she and some other elephants will be released back into the wild.

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