Funny Small Gifts People Received From Children

Everyone loves to receive gifts. It's the simplest but most effective way to express love and gratitude. That's why people give presents on many occasions in a year. Aside from public holidays, there are also birthdays, anniversaries, and many more special occasions when people feel the need for those little boxes of happiness. But sometimes the best ones are not the most expensive and also not the most beautiful ones.
Some gifts cannot be bought in a store. Adults may understand this, but kids do it better. Their gifts are always the best. Uniqueness? Check! Cute? Check! Meaningful? Check! And usually, the gifts they give are unintentionally hilarious. Kids are naive, for sure. Those little minds think very differently. So the things that are normal to them look strangely funny to us adults. We think kids must have a unique sense of humor. Scroll down and have a look at the hilarious gifts from kids on the list below.

#1 My 11-Year Old's Birthday Card To Me

Source: brian_sack

#2 I Don't Have A Valentine This Year, Been Pretty Heartbroken. The Little Boy I Watch Made Up For It By Giving Me This

Source: belles23

#3 So Today I Was Given And End Of Term Present From A Child That She Made With Her Mum. It's So Beautiful, Until I Inspected Closer. I Asked The Mum If It Was Intentional And She Had No Idea. Highlight Of My School Year So Far

Source: TheBritishAreComing

#4 I Am A Waiter And A 4-Year-Old Girl Gave Me This As A Tip

Source: sleepingwithyourmom

#5 Kid's "Glad You're Not Dead" Gift To Grandpa

Source: ItsIronyBitch

#6 My 11 Year Old Son's Christmas Gift To Me

Source: unknown

#7 On My Birthday, 10-Year-Old Sister Asked Me What Kind Of Stuff I Liked. I Told Her Mustaches, Guitars And Sloths. She Went Into Her Room And Came Back An Hour Later With This

Source: jedrawings

#8 Middle School Student Accidentally Gave My Wife Thong Underwear

Source: MrWrigleyField

#9 Found This "Gift" I Gave My Mom When I Was 8-Years-Old

Source: Miichaelstevens

#10 The Kids Made Me Breakfast For Father's Day

Source: CaptainFiddler

#11 My Sister-In-Law Teaches The 4th Grade. This Is What One Of Her Students Gave Her For Valentine's Day

Source: Nastycakes

#12 My 4-Year-Old Was So Proud Of The Lunch He Packed For Me

Source: The_Cat_Downvoter

#13 Our 8-Year-Old Son Woke Up Early This Morning To Put Together Stockings For Me And His Mom Which Were Plastic Bags Full Of What You See Here

Source: fried_eggs_and_ham

#14 9 Year Old Niece Gave This To My Mom For Mother's Day

Source: polargreen

#15 My Daughter Found A Fossil In Our Yard And Wrapped It For Me As A Christmas Present

Source: SmarterEveryDay

#16 Happy Mother's Day From A 5-Year Old

Source: demandamanda

#17 Being A Single Dad Finally Pays Off. Kids Got Me This For My B-Day

Source: Frago242

#18 My Buddy Made This For His Mom For Mother's Day When He Was 12

Source: Fakediertybyrd

#19 A Brown E

Source: eveewing

#20 3-Year-Old (In Bathroom): Mummy, Can I Put This Sticker On Daddy's Card? Me (In Bed): Yes. 3-Year-Old: Will He Love It? Me: Yes

Source: Dempster2000

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