20 Pets Who Serve As A Much-Needed Rainbow On A Rainy Day, Meet Them Now!

Life can be tiring! Life can be hard,... but life always gives you precious gifts if you know how to enjoy it. There are days when you get home feeling so tired and stressed after long working hours. But then you will be happy soon if you can share those feelings with your family, friends, lovers, or simply, your pets. Pets always know a way to make you laugh when you are sad and heal your soul when you are broken. They know the way to make you feel loved inside.
The following are twenty cats and dogs who "are always here whenever you need love and care". A kitty with a cute face, a dog waiting hours for you to return home, or a cat giving you long hugs... These things serve as beautiful rainbows on a rainy day, and they will help you forget all tiredness. Do you want to meet these adorable friends? Let's scroll down to check them out!
#1. "Please, give one more hug..."

Source: queenmusia

#2. "Let's smile together."

Source: yokokikuchi_ks

#3."Somebody was waiting for me to come home!"

Source: theonegirlthatis

#4."He got a kiss... Can you see the smile on his face? Hahaha, so adorable."

Source: abhinav_100

#5."My dog brought me a pair of boots when I got home. I'm truly honored."

Source: Livid-Lad

#6. "Give me a kiss, Mum!"

Source: kirrkieterri

#7. "This-is-Riley. When she helps with the laundry, no sock gets left behind. She's a good girl."

Source: mayaw87850

#8. "Find yourself a partner who looks at you like my cat looks at me."

Source: hakkapee

#9. "Mom, would you like to play a 'Hide and Seek' game?"

Source: fantasyzone

#10."If I fit, I sit" - "I sit, two" - "I sit, three!"

Source: grey_boi

#11. "I adopted this cat yesterday. Here’s how it’s going with my dog."

Source: mgw89wm

#12. "My dog brought me her favorite toy when she heard me crying in the bath after a very stressful day at work."

Source: justfearless

#13. "This is how my 11-week-old Collie waits for me to come home."

Source: CrohnsCastle

#14. "Good night, gupboiz!"

Source: Alexinder007

#15. "A dog at the shelter I work at is teaching me how to smile."

Source: BloodFleshBones

#16. "Our cat, Ada, gave birth 2 days ago."

Source: redfirearne

#17. "I took my uncle's guide dog for an "off work" walk and he was very happy."

Source: nsims92

#18. A surprise 'awww' moment!

Source: BakaKuroNeko

#19."Someone needs a Hug today!!!"

#20.This dog is such a big brother of his kitty sister!

Source: imgur

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