18 Pictures Of Pit Bull Dogs That Show How Sweet And Gentle They Are

Among the popular dog breeds in the world, Pitbull is recognized for their muscular bodies, thick necks, wedge-shaped heads with wide mouths and sharp teeth. Due to these features, Pitbull is often considered as an aggressive and dangerous dog breed, while actually, they are so sweet and gentle guys. We shouldn't judge a book by its cover. Likewise, we shouldn't decide that Pitbull dogs are dangerous by how they look. All dogs are best friends of humans, and it's a pity if Pitbulls don't get enough human love just because they are less adorable than other dogs.
On Reddit, there's a community that we highly recommend you to join (if you are a Pitbull lover). The Subreddit r/pitbulls is a place where owners share their Pitbull dogs to prove that these friends are born so sweet, gentle, and caring. So, today, we collect eighteen pictures of these sweeties to show you. Let's have a look, and tell us your feelings in the comment below.

#1. "He’s a baby."

Source: Manic-Mama

#2. "My service dog and I at school. I love her so much."

Source: Rankone54

#3. Everyone, meet Daisy, a smiling girl.

Source: Klowning

#4. "Got her from a rescuer for $50 because no one wanted a pit and honestly the best money I have ever spent."

Source: 03robman

#5. "Need to find raincoats and warm jackets that fit my hippo - pitties don't fit the usual sizes..."

Source: MrPavlovic

#6. "Don't worry baby... I am here with you."

Source: Chacmaa

#7. "This Boi came into my life a couple of years ago-I’m a petite lover for life now!"

Source: xxxxusernam3xxxx

#8."He's a friendly dog."

Source: Carriewood72

#9. Check out this cute little butterfly!

Source: Mickey_Dooley

#10. "My little nugget when he was only 5 months old."

Source: ccarinaxx

#11. "Mom, I was great during training today, I promise!"

Source: Substantial_City30

#12."Did someone say Pit bulls in their Jim Jams??"

Source: therapewpewtic

#13. "Beauregard is ready for the rainy season!"

Source: responsibleyreckless

#14. "She's my old pitty mix but she'll always be young to me (bonus pitty with her kitty)."

Source: junglesnack

#15. "Hooman, we're ready for a sunbath!

Source: ArthurSemilla

#16. "Mama,  it's time for lunch!"

r/pitbulls - Anybody else’s pup-o randomly pick up objects when they are excited?

Source: fuzzle1

#17."It’s officially pittie burrito blanket season. ❤️?"

Source: mouserz

#18."They are inseparable since the first day."

r/pitbulls - My pittie mix and my mini american shepherd. Inseparable since day 1Source: 31cats

For more pictures, please visit r/pitbulls.
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