21 Photos Showing That Pets Belong To A Different World

While cats and dogs are living very close to humans, it is sometimes impossible for people to understand what their pets are thinking about. On social media, many owners share their weird pets, asking someone to give them a rational explanation for that. More interestingly,  their posts often bring a lot of fun to the social community.
Here are twenty-one owners who can't understand why their cats (or dogs) are acting as if they came from a different planet. From a puppy chasing his tail to a cat sitting in the weirdest way, pets always keep us wonder whether they belong to this world or not. Now, let's take some time to meet these friends! We are sure they will crack you up with their behaviors.
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#1. "Meet Oscar, we don't know his breed but I think he's part Kangaroo!"

Source: rcanez98

#2. "Human, that's weird enough."

Source: Aymankiller

#3."Bear has a magic trick where he makes cicadas disappear."

Source: dub47

#4. I think she should live in a 'liquid' world.

Source: Traditional-Funny777

#5. "Sometimes he’s chasing his tail, other times I have no idea how he ends up like this."

Source: braymunt

#6."Mama said leaves taste so good... I wanna try... Ehhhh mama tells lie!"

Source: XxBananaramaxX

#7. "I don’t know why, but he always sits like this."


#8. When she's hungry...

Source: Bae_ok

#9. "Yes, Shrimp, we can see you ?"

Source: SeaworthinessJumpy95

#10."What's wrong with my dog?"

Source: 5_Frog_Margin

#11."She's a two-year-old American Bulldog... and this is one of many weird yoga poses that she sleeps in."

Source: neogoddess

#12.A lovely store kitty compartment!

Source: fantasyzone

#13. Are they acting in a film?

Source: yeetyyeeturr

#14. "She has a weird obsession with rocks. This is her collection."

Source: aca6825

#15. "He chewed on it and threw me that face. I don't know what's going in his head."

Source: My-00design

#16. "I looked outside to see a new plant in the front garden."

Source: cloverborne

#17. "Gimme your food or you D.I.E"

Source: I_Smother_Pigeons

#18. "This is totally a normal way to rest!!!"

Source: uglypatty

#19. "You are NOT going to believe what happened while you were gone."

Source: kpclaypool

#20."This is Dipstick. Dipstick will chase her tail for hours if left unchecked. Note the toy completely disregarded to the side."

#21."He was very proud of the stick he found."

Source: Fickle-Usual-2354

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