Disney Fans Are Suggesting Who Should Be Cast In The Upcoming Hercules Live-Action, And Here Are 26 Of Their Best Picks

It's no secret that Disney is quite busy turning its iconic cartoons into live-action movies with the participants of real actors in recent years, and all of its remakes never fail to arouse controversy among cinema lovers worldwide. Many insist that the filmmakers are just ruining their classic works, but there are also people who absolutely love the new versions of these familiar stories. However, love it or hate it, there's no denying that Disney live-action projects always have the power to draw attention even before they start.

The upcoming remake of "Hercules" is of course no exception. And although it's still too soon to tell who would be officially cast, fans of the 1997 original already decide who they want to see. While the choices for the two leading roles are very varied, most of them agree on who should play Phil and who should be the Muses.

Here are 26 of their top picks so far, let's check them out:

#1. Zac Efron as Hercules

Source: alexiscmalday27

#2. Kellan Lutz as Hercules

Source: mangocrisp

#3. Tom Holland as Hercules

Source: angelictsh

#4. Hailee Steinfeld as Megara

Source: haizfact

#5. Elizabeth Gillies as Megara

Source: WordsofWallis

#6. Ariana Grande as Megara

Source: hopelessm00n

#7. Zendaya as Megara

Source: hanchambers

#8. Elizabeth Gillies as Megara (again!)

Source: mangocrisp

#9. Danny DeVito as Phil

Source: mangocrisp

#10. Willem Dafoe as Hades

Source: mangocrisp

#11. Jjeff Goldblum as Hades

Source: devsmith60

#12. James Woods as Hades

Source: mangocrisp

#13. Michael Cera as Panic

Source: mangocrisp

#14. Jack Black as Pain

Source: mangocrisp

#15. Nick Kroll and John Mulaney as Pain and Panic

Source: aliprice21

#16. Jonah Hill and Michael Cera as Pain and Panic

Source: mascbaby

#17. The Rock as Zeus

Source: mangocrisp

#18. Beyoncé as Calliope

Source: mangocrisp

#19. SZA as Melpomene

Source: mangocrisp

#20. Lizzo as Thalia

Source: mangocrisp

#21. Halle Bailey as Terpsichore

Source: mangocrisp

#22. Janelle Monáe as Clio

Source: mangocrisp

#23. Kelly Rowland, Jennifer Hudson, Keke Palmer, Coco Jones and Amber Riley as The Muses

Source: taeyongjoon

#24. Amber Riley, Kelly Rowland, Jennifer Hudson, SZA and Janelle Monáe as The Muses

Source: JaquanLeonard

#25. Lizzo, Kelly Rowland, Jennifer Hudson, Normani and Ryan Destiny as The Muses

Source: DecodnLyfe

#26. Amber Riley, Kelly Rowland, Jennifer Hudson, Ledisi and Janelle Monáe as The Muses

Source: ADiamante77

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