eFootball 2022 Quickly Became The Most Criticized Football Game Right After Launch

After years of preparation, Konami Digital Entertainment has recently launched their latest game - eFootball 2022. As expected as a 2021 football simulation video game, eFootball 2022, however, let down most of its fans on the very first day of its release. Some call this game the biggest flop of Konami.
Critics have been quick to slate clunky graphics and an obvious lack of realism. Some even accuse Konami of conspiring to create “the worst football game” the genre has ever seen. Well, those judgments have reasons, anyway. Some people have been expecting this game for so long that they couldn't wait but try the game right away. And as some said, they were shocked by the crappy graphics. As a fan commented: “My nephew could design better graphics.” Also, gamers notice that there are so many glitches in the game, which look funny but unacceptable.











Never before, Steam reviews for eFootball 2022 are “overwhelmingly negative.” More than ninety percent, 92% to be exact, of all reviews, is negative. And the graphics issues seem to be the same for all platforms, not only the PC version. Before the launch, eFootball 2022 was thought to be a FIFA 22 competitor. At this point, however, gaming fans doubt the game can make any success.
Konami has apologized for the atrocious graphics and is currently working on the issues. Let's wait and see.
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