Genius Ways Parents Duped Their Kids Into Eating Foods

Eating time is always a hard time for all parents. When children start having like and dislike for foods, things get complicated. Children are tough-headed. If they hate a type of food, then parents cannot force them to eat it. Kids have various ways to avoid things they hate, crying, screaming, hiding away. They would rather lie on the floor and eat dust than eat the food they don't want.
And most of the time, the foods they refuse to eat are healthy, nutritious foods. Therefore, some parents desperately try to convince their kids to eat, but things don't always end well. But still, some parents come up with a creative way to dupe them into eating healthy food, and it works. Sometimes, unharmful lies can work out pretty well when applying to kids. Anyway, it's all for the well-being of the kids, so it'll be okay. Scroll down and check out those brilliant ideas in the list below.


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