10+ Cats And Dogs Who Prove It's Never Too Late To Do The Right Things

Do you know that your pets can do much more things rather than being pets?  Some cats and dogs even join the training for different jobs such as therapy dog, guide dog, security watch cat, or police dog. These furry staffs are courageous and dedicated to their work. For other pets who aren't trained to do special jobs, they can also become real-life heroes, saving their owners in many ways.
Today, we would like to introduce them to you -the fifteen cats and dogs who are willing to sacrifice themselves to save and help their owners. With their actions, we are totally persuaded that it's never too late to do the right things.  They are all worth praising and inspire humans around them. Let's meet them!

#1. "Last night my cat saved me from an evil snake that snuck into my bedroom while I was sleeping! Good Mufasa."

Source: StephanieDube

#2. "Man buried in snow captures a rescued dog saving him, and it’s wonderful!"

Source: rscochurva

#3. "This is Trevor, he donates blood to save lives of sick cats and is absolutely gorgeous!"

Source: stagg_99

#4. "Dog saves all her puppies from a house fire, and puts them to safety in one of the firetrucks."

Source: Reddit

#5. "Our blind dog Molly showed 7 people, 2 dogs, and 4 cats the way out of the fire."

Source: Imgur

#6. "He can’t let his buddy serve time by himself."

Source: GGezpzMuppy

#7. "Tonight this guy barked at me for thirty minutes to take him out despite just going. Turned out we had a gas leak in our apartment and he just wanted us to get out. He is S A F E B O Y E and getting extra cuddles."

Source: NobelLandMermaid

#8. "A service dog helping his human with everyday tasks."

Source: commonvanilla

#9. "This is Murphy. He saved my niece from a nest of wasps by carefully licking and nipping them off here without hurting her. He's a good boy but got stung quite a few times."

Source: kabal363

#10. Protecting a boy from a dog attack, Tara received the title of hero.

Source: taraherocat

#11. This cute golden retriever puppy is Oko. He becomes a guide for a 12-year-old blind dog.

Source: tao_mr_winky

#12. Kerith the golden retriever comforts overworked firefighters in California 4 hours a day before they start their next 24-hour shift.

Source: kerith_the_golden_retriever

#13. "Orlando, a hero guide dog that jumps into subway tracks to save his blind man."

Source: John Minchillo/AP

#14. "My dog saved my life today. He pulled me just in time for my head to miss a hammer falling from the 4th floor. Thanks, Vader!"

Source: gotojuch

#15. "The courageous cat scared off a mountain lion and saved his owner's life."

Source: FloorLamp500

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