20 Moments Of 'Cats Being Cats' That Only Cat Owners Will Understand

We know that many of our fans are pet lovers who love to keep these furry animals as their best friends. Cats and dogs are both popular pets, but they are not always the same. A dog tends to be active and playful, and he prefers staying by your side. Meanwhile, cats are solitary animals, so they are more independent and often don't want to rely on their humans. They love to act in their own logic, which makes it more difficult to raise a cat than a dog. However, when you are able to understand your cats, these creatures will turn out to be so sweet, lovable, and compassionate.
If you are a cat owner, you should understand these interesting moments. Here are twenty pictures from Subreddit r/catsbeingcats, a place for people to share what they experience every day with their cats. We are sure that you'll find these moments totally relatable to you! Let's scroll down to check it out!

#1. "After several months of not allowing it, Tuesday finally consented to a brushing."

Source: OstentatiousSock

#2. "Buy a cat 10 different beds, and she will still choose that her favorite spot is in a pepper cardboard box in front of an empty fireplace."

Source: Kitesurfer-chick

#3."You are mine."

Source: 420Latinbby

#4."Let's get the cat copter to work."

Source: dee_snutz

#5. "Nice mousepad! I’ll sleep on it!"

Source: skr4pt

#6. "He knows nothing of the danger lurking below…"

Source: JackMcB99

#7. "Every time I put a new bath mat down, my kitty lies on it. I don't know why."

Source: yourenotquiteme

#8. "She's mad at me for not giving her attention, so she's ignoring me in a spot where I know she's ignoring me."

Source: -Xyriene-

#9. "She's obsessed with my partner's running shoes..."

Source: nicoleturcotte87

#10. "This is the signal when he wants in."

Source: anicelatina

#11. "Ok…. That’s not supposed to be a bed. But I guess it’s a comfy place to hang out and be close to Mama while she’s working in the kitchen?"

Source: chicgeekathlete

#12."You ain't going out tonight!"

#13. "Meet Cheerio! The goofball is soaking up the sun rays squished between the window and a terrarium. Such a sweet soul ?"

Source: CellarDoor_1994

#14. Guess who loves to jump on the bookshelf?

Source: another_spiderman

#15. "LET.ME.IN"


#16. "My foster kitten was being too quiet so I went to see what trouble she had gotten into."

Source: chicgeekathlete

#17. "How do I know when they are ready to be picked?"

Source: Easy_Pie_5041

#18. "I think he is plotting my demise…"

Source: lkconway

#19. A pool of cats!!!

Source: yesbutnotwithyou

#20. "MOM! The lampshade’s chasing me again!"

Source: anicelatina

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