36 Times When Great Taste And Great Execution Worked Together To Create Something Extraordinary

In previous articles, we've already shared with you a lot of weird designs from the “Awful Taste But Great Execution” (ATBGE) subreddit. And they are so terrible that we can't understand why some people could come up with those ideas. If you haven't read those articles yet, you can find them here and here. But today, we will introduce you to a whole new subreddit called “Great Taste And Great Execution” (GTAGE). This online community, in contrast to ATBGE, is dedicated to sharing awesome and fantastic designs that can blow anyone's mind.
We've compiled a list of the most creative designs that show out-of-the-box thinking from this group. If you are curious, just scroll down below and check them out. Maybe these projects can inspire you to create extraordinary products. Also, don't forget to vote for your favs.

#1. The ultimate Jurassic Park Jeep

Source: ProfStorm

#2. Tie-dyed wedding dress

Source: superfly355

#3. This Force Ghost Luke Cosplay

Source: Sandman0077

#4. The twisting chimney

Source: NuggetzRGud

#5. This wooden staircase

Source: ProfStorm

#6. This Mystique cosplay

Source: swap714

#7. This table carved from a block of wood

Source: TeoTgePro

#8. This bridge in Germany painted to look like legos

Source: unknown / reddit

#9. This coffee table

Source: ProfStorm

#10. After the fall of the Soviet Union, a city in Ukraine was getting rid of all their communist statues. A local artist converted the last remaining one into Darth Vader

Source: ProfStorm

#11. Croissant dragons

Source: unknown / reddit

#12. The thinker lamp

Source: jjonez76

#13. The top of this 1954 camper is a boat

Source: ProfStorm

#14. This bus used to advertise a zoo

Source: Itduke

#15. This diorama of the Road Runner and Wile E. Coyote

Source: ProfStorm

#16. This MechaGodzilla sculpture in Atlanta, GA

Source: Sandman0077

#17. If you like trees...and cats

Source: sheensizzle

#18. This Baby Grand Piano repurposed as a Bookshelf

Source: ProfStorm

#19. Incredible seashore wood table

Source: ProfStorm

#20. This custom NASA lamp

Source: GammaRayRat

#21. This window repair advertisement

Source: HopelessKhaZix

#22. This stunning timber floor

Source: ProfStorm

#23. This cake my Nan made for my 17th birthday

Source: rockboiler

#24. This dude built his kid a Lamborghini out of mostly wood

Source: ProfStorm

#25. Dragon Bench by Igor Loskutow

Source: ChaosKnightfox

#26. Wooden table with helical legs

Source: HowardJDuck

#27. Stunning Arched Doorway with built-in Bookshelves

Source: ThisIsDefoAFakeName

#28. This Bender BBQ I saw on Imgur. Image credit goes to PrincessofThrones

Source: Teoarrk

#29. This ceiling fan is pretty creative

Source: Redragon9

#30. This ice-cream ad. Great taste on every level

Source: MeatNGrit

#31. This Bender Mailbox

Source: Masklophobia

#32. Natural stone fireplace

Source: ProfStorm

#33. Blacksmith from Slovakia made a dragon car

Source: walkerka

#34. Stormtrooper wood burner

Source: ProfStorm

#35. Got my kids something off the dollar menu this year

Source: drawdelove

#36. This is the champagne cork chair you're looking for

Source: bernaisezeus

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