'Awful Taste But Great Execution' Designs That'll Have You Wonder Why They Exist On Earth

Do you know the Awful Taste But Great Execution subreddit? This online community is dedicated to collecting and sharing photos of “work done so well, you won’t know whether to love it or hate it”. From a BBQ duck gold pendant to the Great Wave off Kanagawa on body hair, they are so awful that they will leave you speechless.
Actually, we have no idea how these designers can make gaudy, tacky, overdone, and otherwise tasteless products. Maybe the reason is just that they like it. Or maybe they haven't participated in any courses related to design. Are you curious to see how weird those products are? We have chosen some of the 'awful taste but great execution' designs. Scroll down to check them out. Honestly, we were shocked by them at first. So be prepared.

#1. Butcher shop meat sculptures

Source: ratinthehat800

#2. Chinese BBQ duck gold pendant

Source: chr15c

#3. This hair

Source: false_thr0waway

#4. Hood ornament

Source: letseatlunch

#5. Not quite sure if it's awful taste, but the cat sure does think so

Source: [deleted]

#6. Y2K

Source: desertmamba

#7. This watch from the '80s

Source: ICEwaveFX

#8. Narcissist much?

Source: Professional-Gear-39

#9. Imagine being there drunk

Source: Oroborus18

#10. Excellent design, questionable premise. Molar of the groom's wedding ring

Source: BrokilonDryad

#11. I came across this magnificent thing in Nashville, TN

Source: Hutwe

#12. Fingering

Source: Mostweaken41

#13. Woody

Source: AR3SiN

#14. Behold...the helmet

Source: nmicrocosm

#15. The details really make it

Source: Epcot92

#16. Heart-shaped Car

Source: --melancolia--

#17. Chucky chucky

Source: juneburger

#18. The Great Wave off Kanagawa on body hair

Source: feelsonline

#19. I think this belongs here

Source: barnorth

#20. These guitars

Source: drunk-astronaut

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