10+ Zoom-In Pictures Of Pet Body That Make You 'Awww' To See

We often zoom in a picture as we want to see it clearer and closer. However,  for these pet pictures, we are sure you are not zooming for a clearer look but because you are obsessed with their cute tiny body parts. As pet lovers, we love everything about pets, and sometimes, watching them in our arms can make us feel inner peace and happiness.
We, as Paws Planet, also love these four-legged creatures, so we come up with a compilation of seventeen pictures that zoom in on their bodies. Cats and dogs can look so cute, but do you wonder how even more adorable their paws, noses or teeth are? Look at these pictures, and you'll get the answer. If you love our post, please give us a share and comment. Now, it's time to enjoy!

#1. This is the most beautiful and special nail I have ever seen!"

Source: cowgirI

#2. "Cuteness overload."

Source: Frank1168

#3. "What color should I paint on my nails today?"

Source: Traditional-Funny777

#4. This is Hattie, a pretty-faced girl!

Source: MissCrazyLady

#5. "The cutest paws I ever did see!"

Source: Pmar07

#6. This is an adorable little ball of fluffy, furry fun!

Source: TheGuvnor247

#7. Wholesome!

Source: Lias42O

#8. "Junior has the prettiest fluffy tail I’ve ever seen."

Source: Unicornglitteryblood

#9."It's like a paw with a paw. ❤️"

Source: bbyblueyz01

#10."I heard you like cat bellies. Here is sleepy Taro’s belly."

Source: 42069Nicebro

#11. "Love her little pink nose. The little wise white-whiskered one."

Source: ThouKingdomCum

#12."I won’t believe you if you tell me these didn’t make you smile."

Source: M-Saga

#13. "His paws make me smile so much."

Source: The3muskerkits

#14."Vito is showing off his new teeth."

Source: Frosty_Toes

#15. "Roddy showed me his nails today... Wow!"

Source: _danielhurst

#16. Looking out the window...with beautiful eyes

Source: amazingcat_casper

#17. "Lovely legs!"

Source: Soggy-Gur4610

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