Awkward Moments When People Miss Obvious Hints

Talking about love affairs, anyone will love to have a beautiful romantic relationship. But no relationship is complete without some 'physical interaction.' Some may think that if a woman is in love with a man, then it's not so hard for the man to know when his woman wants to do some specific things. However, never would we directly tell our partner that we want to do this and that. Usually, we like to use hints and signals in our seemingly innocent words to indirectly say what we want. And yet, they don't always work out well.
Even though sometimes the hints are quite obvious, some guys still don't get it, being shy, overly polite, scared, or they just don't get it, indeed. Redditor u/yjacketcbr600 posted a question that asked: "When did you miss an obvious hint that someone wanted to have sexual relations with you?". And we have to admit that all the answers are pure gold. Keep scrolling down to check them out in the list below. Have a good time.


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