20 Pets Trying To Scare Owners But All What They Can Do Is To Make Them Laugh

If you have ever raised a cat or a dog, you should know that they are weird and crazy sometimes. People often talk about pets having strong bonds with their owners and loving owners with their whole hearts, but there's something about these creatures that we can't think of. As pets are 'crazy', they'll do the 'craziest' thing ever, which is to scare owners! Maybe, they believe it's a way to convince the owners that they are strong and scary. But they don't even know how cute and silly they look at that moment.
Here are twenty cats and dogs who want to scare their owners but fail. Failures often come along with sadness and disappointment, but this time, they will come with a lot of laughs! Take your time to enjoy these funny moments, and leave us a comment at the end.

#1. "Where's my dinner? You have three seconds to bring it in!"

Source: ScreamForTerror

#2. "Fear my wrath, human!"

Source: Unreachyosoul

#3. "Just touch his belly and he flipped over to challenge you to try again. With this face. Every time."

Source: AWU_Hades

#4. "Watch my paws, are you scared now?"

Source: madfluffs

#5. When you're mad but babe brings you ice-cream:

Source: ClintEastwoodSquint

#6. Seconds before the scary jump

Source: judenotjudas

#7. "Not sure if this is derpy or terrifying."

Source: danatron

#8.“Let me out!”

Source: vklace

#9. "You're getting ready for bed without serving me dinner? Not by the hair of my chiny chin chin!"

Source: sally_alberta

#10. "I say NO, and never touch me. You'll not know what I would do with you next!"

Source: xherdanthenakedcat

#11. "Say "bath" again. I dare you! I double-dare you! Say "bath" one more goddamn time!"

Source: 750_I_NEED_MONEY

#12. "Now, I rule the world..."

Source: xxIsItInYet2xx

#13. "Grrrrrrr"

Source: burgerfennec

#14.“Don’t mess with me...”

Source: somethingsblabla

#15. "I'm watching you..."

Source: ferrariletigre

#16. "Come closer... I won't bite you"

Source: meetgarfi

#17. When two friends play with each other and one of them is too emotional while the other is just chill.

Source: Ruyoconfusedyet

#18. "Are you afraid of monsters? I'm a monster."

Source: Snilefisken

#19. "He does this and then we have to flip them back."

Source: fuckineyyyye

#20. This grouchy dog can apply for a Samuel L. Jackson look-alike contest.

Source: Grumpupthepup

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