18 Emotional Pets Who Deserve The 'Best Actor' Award, Meet Them Now!

Do animals have thoughts, feelings, and emotions? The answer is yes. Like humans, animals do experience such feelings as happiness, anger, sadness or excitement. They are even better than us at expressing their emotions. Do you believe it? If you don't, let these eighteen pets prove it to you! They can show their feelings in a way so clear and touching that they can become professional actors.
In this article, we’d like to show you the best pictures of pets who are so expressive with their feelings, and we are sure these furry friends will make you smile. Maybe.... their acting skills can even make Hollywood actors jealous of them LOL! If you are the judges of Oscar awards, do you give them the 'Best Actor Award?' Tell us your answer in the comment below! Enjoy!

#1. When a b*tch you hate comes in front of you and acts like she's prettier than you.

Source: grumpy_kitzia

#2. "This dog looks like Samuel L. Jackson when he first saw Django."

Source: B4DASS

#3. "Bacon? Did somebody say bacon?"

Source: imafemaleontheinternetholyshit

#4. "Papa, what did you say? I can go on the mountain hiking tomorrow? Really?"

Source: sandysnootgirls

#5. "You know that he loves this deep down... it just doesn’t show."

Source: averagehomosapien

#6. "Did I said I hate water hooman??"

Source: LalaLissa

#7. "You talking about me? Huh?"

Source: Mida_Multi_Tool

#8. We all need to channel our inner “Oscar the Grouch” every now and then.

Source: afinedrizzlex

#9. That painting tells no lies!

Source: smilingbrinks

#10. It’s cute how humans still believe they run the world.

Source: robswampthing

#11. "How did you find me?"

Source: imgur

#12."No, no... wait a minute, I am about to win... Rrrrrrreeeeee!"

Source: DemonicSquid


Source: CreativeSuccotash444/

#14. Somebody needs to hire this photogenic gecko to sell car insurance.

Source: kirs20

#15. "Well, to be honest, I don't like this birthday present!"

Source: AnonymousPenguin

#16. "OMG... oh, just a dog..."

Source: Synth2012

#17. "Can't believe I'm mom now."

Source: CYBERSson

#18. "Hah! Look at the sunlight today! It's so lovely!"

Source: neptunesmoon

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