20 Times Pets Show Their Owners What Pure Happiness Looks Like

We know this might be hard for some people, but when you feel down, try to blow out your sadness with smiles. Scientists suggest that a smile can affect certain muscles, which will make you feel happier. As those facial muscles are hit, your brain will receive the signals and create more endorphins. Also, a lot of smiling is believed to help you look younger than your actual age!
We, as Paws Planet, always want you, our readers, to feel happy with any of our posts. And we know, most of you are pet lovers or owners, and sometimes your happiness can simply come from these furry friends. That's the reason why we compiled twenty photos of pets who are so happy because they can play, enjoy life, and get love from their owners. Hopefully, their positive energy will cheer you up.
Now, take your time to relax and chill!

#1. "This is Fig! He has a prosthetic leg, and likes to take it off and throw it at his sister."

Source: DreadfullyBIzzy

#2. "Took my uncle's guide dog for an "off work" walk."

Source: nsims92

#3. "Got my dog a new toy. He was pretty excited."

Source: Alisana

#4. "My pupper's face when I tell him that he's a good boy..."

Source: gunshowbabs

#5. His reaction when being petted is perfect!


#6. "AHAHAHAHA, I have all the leaves now, nothing can stop me!!! AHAHAHAHA"

Source: ker9189

#7. "My sister sends me a picture of my niece and her cat enjoying the sunlight."

Source: Reddit

#8. "A dog at the shelter I work at is teaching me how to smile."

Source: BloodFleshBones

#9. "Our Airbnb came with a very happy pup!"

Source: mtlktrc

#10."Clara's first trip into the backyard, I think she liked it!"

Source: neptunesmoon

#11. "She sure is really happy when sleeping."

Source: Yoshi-Chan-YT

#12. "My normally grumpy puppy discovered grass."

Source: yesmilady

#13. "The face you make when you play in the sprinklers at 3 AM"

Source: /IridescentLights

#14. "My dog likes to sit on the hill and watch the sunset."

Source: EBro02

#15. "Penny is a happy gal."

Source: GillyGooze

#16. "This is puppy's first time at the beach and he couldn't stop smiling."

Source: Nevada_Mountains

#17. "Our little Big Man (Gulliver) teaching his big Little Sister (Lena) how to smile for the camera!"

Source: apenature

#18."Our little Kitty after a long day at work (Playing). Sometimes, happiness is simply just like this."

#19. "My 15 pound Pomeranian Harold, playing with her best friend: My pal's sweetheart of a Pitbull. Harold SCREAMS with excitement every time she comes over."

Source: Synth2012

#20. "That smile says "I can probably walk but this way I get cuddles AND walk!"

Source: kalrizzien

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