Managers Share The Times They Shut Down Annoying Customers Who Demand To Speak To Them

Anyone who works in the service industry will understand this. The stress at work comes from so many things, workload, time pressure, working environment, etc. But, the stress that customers cause to employees is even greater than everything else combined. And here, managers and staff alike, no one can get away from those annoying customers.
When a customer spots something inappropriate or has a problem with the service, they can leave feedback or talk to the manager to solve the problem and enhance the service quality. It's for good purposes and will always be appreciated. But some customers speak to the manager only to satisfy their ridiculous demands and egos. And for such situations, some managers really don't hold back and shut them down completely. Scroll down to check out those satisfying moments in the list below and have a good time.

#1 In your face

#2 It was fun

#3 And they were never seen again

#4 ‘I don’t believe you’

#5 I am the supervisor

#6 Smoke break

#7 Jaw drop


#9 Colonel

#10 She turned purple

#11 Boom!

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